NorCal/Bay Area VF!


Anyone here play VF and actually wants to play human opponents? This is where to apply and meet others.

Post up/PM for details and possible matches.


I’m up for some VF5 play near or in the bay area.


Apparently this is it… :confused:
(check your pms guys!)

Anyone want to learn VF? This is where to sign as well!


where are you guys playing at?


:lol: I play VF5 also even though I’ve only played it about 3-4 times but I had a great time playing it. and I would really like to play other people so let me know wats up and where it’s at and wat time and hopefully :wonder: I can make it b/c my schdule normally gets filled up pretty quick and I’m surprisingly busy a lot but I’ll see wat I can do.:razzy:


Quite a number of peeps.

Time to organize:

Where/when should we play? I’ve defined that the majority of us (so far) live in South Bay area so logically it’d be there.

Lets setup a place and time (I’m down for any day this week except Friday for awesome reasons). Transportation can’t be too hard with Bart and all.

If you’re in the city, we can set up random sessions more frequently (though school might get in the way at times).


I think we should find out who has the PS3s first.


I got one + 2 sticks…

repuken, where are you located?


I got a ps3 and a stick


Im in the middle of SF.


Lets set something up for Saturday. Akuma001, you down?

I’m gonna PM Haunts.


:lol: I’m down for this saturday if it’s in the evening. :wonder: the other days this week are kind of booked now for me.


:lol: so it looks like it will be on saturday in south of SF in Danville. so wat was the address :confused:?


i’m always down to play but saturday may not be a good day for me.

have you guys decided on a place yet?


I think we should run or vote or someone volunteer/suggest something… lol.


OMg one hour drive to danville, I’m scared i might get speeding ticket.


does someone else live in danville besides me because um i don’t remember inviting anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:


there is no VF in Danville, just white people.


LOL, I love how speculation and the phrase “possibly” explodes into, “holy shit is it on!!!.”

Anyone down for Saturday and/or anytime next week? (Haunts, you down maybe?)


:lol: well I’m down for sure for this saturday evening. maybe we can hold it on two days this saturday another time next week. :wgrin: