Norcal Custom Stick owners please look here.. quick questions


thanks for looking.

i know im in the wrong section and this is not the tech talk area, but i been a long time lurker here but i never really posted or even signed up

i know norcal has alot players that own custom sticks, i always wanted one but never could really afford since i mainly play in the arcades, ( american/ HAPP/IL ) style joystick, and since SF4 is mainly played in consoles i dont want to play pad or the Japanese style sticks, i prefer american

since finally i have extra cash laying around, im looking get one made, i really dont know anything about wirings or anything like that. quite new to custom stick making, but i been an arcade player for a long time now, i been searching alot, but never really could find the answeres i want,

i tryed to contact all the builders on my search, and no luck, wait is quite long time 1 - 3 months also,

just wondering anyone can recogmend me a builder from Norcal or they have delt with,

i can provide my own custom box and so on but i really have no idea how to wire it up. my budget can reach up to $200 so money is really not an issue

so anyone know a builder that builds completely made american style sticks. or wiring up a complete bare box

PS. if you know anyone selling a used american style stick that its on good working condition, looking to get rid of it. let me know as well,

thanks for looking

my bad for the long read,

im from San Jose. willing to travel anywhere in the bayarea

  • Sean


damn i just missed this thread

otherwise i wouldnt have started his


As for just wiring stuff up, if you’re good with a soldering iron, I’m sure you can find tutorials on how to do so. I can answer questions, but I have no tools and don’t do it myself. Otherwise, your best bet is to find someone in your city. I would suggest people, but you don’t show where you’re at.


sorry about that brother,

im from north san jose,

but im willing to travel any where in the bayarea


Call this dude. His name is BJ, 916-289-1605. He’s in the San Jose area.


thanks bro,

i called him couple of times no answere i just left a quick message no return calls yet

anyway you can get a hold of him for me?

im really interested on his product, and his local so thats good

need a damn stick ASAP haha