Norcal Downtown Throwdown (NDT) 8/27 VIDEO's UP Click the link to our facebook

So we got the videos up on the facebook now so here is the link enjoy!

              Jacob Schmidt
              Safe On Block

wow… idk if ill make it… but ill see if i can

To early to tell I’m going to this bt I play ps3 pad not stick will u guys be able help me on this situation? Or would I have to provide my own adapters in order for me to hook up a ps2 control to the xbox?

ATM you would have to provide your own. I know my good friend matt got an adapter for about 50$ and hasnt regreted it since.

I ain’t working rite now so wnt be able to spare $50 for adapter bt might jst go to mingle with people stockton only an hr drive for me

Well worst case senario maybe my hommie will let you borrow his adapter. But thats not for me to say. =)

Well if its not possible then its fine still to early for me to say I’m going or not …thnx for replying quick

Sounds exciting, I’m going to have to try to make myself available for this.

wat time?

get a stick learn it and never look back

Don’t you mean get a pad, learn it, and never look forward?:smiley:

Damn bro lol I forgot to put the time lol. Reg starts at 10
and will end at 12:30.

I’ll be there this time :3 See you guys there. Time to get out of my break of fighting games and start getting back into fighting game “shape”

Im sure there will be. We always have room for casuals. Before the tournament for sure, during maybe. But my advice from one player to another is to always go to events and travel because you wont get better staying at home. I personally think one of my greatest weaknesses is not having enough tournament experience and matchup experience and going to tournaments is the only way to get that.

On that note I want to give a shout out for Snake, Xray, and Mine for doing so well at Evo. Gratz on top 8 dudes.

If there is casual set ups, do you think it’s possible to have other games than just Street Fighter and Marvel? Maybe throw in some classics like Capcom vs SNK 2, Third Strike, or even The King of Fighters XI?

Ill see what I can do. Ill get back to you on that. We have tried doing 3rd strike, and CVS2 before and we litterly didnt have anyone show up for those.

Will there be adapters for PS3 users?

I will look into trying to get one but you should just consider buying one for yourself since they are like 10$. If push comes to shove my friend just bought one and he might let you use it. I would hate to have people miss tournaments because of something so trivial so I will do what I can. If you are using a stick then well have extra sticks there.

Finally xbox turny