Norcal Downtown Throwdown (NDT) July 29th UPDATED: BRACKET INFORMATION


Been a while due to school but here we are again.

Gamers Etc. 6521 Pacific Ave Stockton CA
Phone number:
LEFT 474-9690 [/LEFT]

All games ran on XBOX360
UMVC3 (Thanks to “Mine” for running it)
ASUS monitors.
Bring your own controller.

Sign in between 11-1
$10 entry fee with a $2 cut for the venue. The pot will be split 70/20/10.
Double Elimination

Call if you cant make it by 1 or you will not be entered in the tournament. We can accommodate you if you are kind enough to let us know you are running late.

Thanks and hope to see yall there!


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where at in stockton


Lol I knew I forgot something. I even looked over it twice. Sorry. Ill edit the post.


sound fun


Well I dont know if you guys have been before but we have been throwing tournaments for about 4 years now and the average tournament has about 50 entries split between marvel and Street Fighter. We get good comp too like Xsk Samurai, MAD, MINE, RAY, Snake, PieGUy, Yen, I can go on. Its fun and I definitely would love to see some new faces.


i dont have an xbox stick so hopefully i could borrow somebody xbox stick…


Id let you borrow mine but I am still waiting for it. Ordered my Giant Sword in February and still got 20 ish sticks ahead of me. ><


Yo Jacob, if you need someone to run Marvel, I can help ya with that.


O yeah sounds great man I will need ya. Apparently since the last tournament they invested in 4 more evo monitors so we have 8 total now.

Edit: Just got a message from MINE says that he wants to run it also so ill let you two work it out but you better be there this time D. I want to see some Tronn action.


We might have 1 station open for VF5 casuals per request of some of the FGC but I need to know if this will be worth our time. Or we could try running a different game for money matches if yall want like MVC2?


Sup Jacob itz mondo I’ll finally b able 2 go can’t wait thiz time I got the right date & time I’ll bring baby D wit me c u then.


do you mean saturday July 28 or is it on sunday the 29th?


Its in the title the 29th its a sunday. Why did I contradict it somewhere lol. I looked around for me accidently stating saturday but didnt see anything.


Hell ya dude


We will be having a VF5 setup so thats also something to look forward too. Also there is going to be an event coming up that is kind of like Hot August Nights in Stockton in the Parking lot. The owner wants me to set up tents and throw a tournament outside. Live music, food, etc. let me know what you think so I know if I should invest my time in this.


I’ll be over there during the time it’s going down. I’m one of the workings there so I’m going be posting the tournament on Facebook


We have two people volunteering to bring setups for VF5 and Tekken 6. I still dont have a confirmation for Moe on a stream so if anyone can hit him up and help me locate him so I can speak at him that would be great. Thanks all.




I played some Marvel with Moe Thurs., I Told him you were asking about his stream. He should hit you up on here.


Sweet thanks.