Norcal Downtown Throwdown (NEW VENUE!)MvC3/SSFIV. 5/29/11 Stockton,CA


We are at it again and this time with a new venue! We tried to keep it in Lodi but we werent able to do so. On that note we want to shout out to our new venue Gamers Etc. I will go into future plans later in the post but now for the nitty gritty.

Where: Gamers Etc.
6521 Pacific Ave
Stockton, Ca

When: May 29th on Sunday, We will start taking registration for both games at 11am-1pm and start the tournaments at 1pm. We can give an extra 30min if you are running late to start at 1:30 but if you are any later YOU CANNOT BE ADDED TO THE BRACKETS, this isnt to be a d-bag but we need to respect the owners of the venue and the operation hours of the store.

What: Marvel Singles and SSFIV Singles. We will run both tournaments together and can easily work around people who are in both brackets so dont worry about that. It will be on the Xbox360 and we can provide extra sticks for you PS3 players. The tournament will be played on CrT’s and Evo monitors.

How: The tournament will be double elimination with a losers and winners bracket. Top 3 will be paid out in the usual 70/20/10 breakdown of the pot. There is a $2 venue fee which I will explain later in the post. (Most of the fee will be returned at the end of the season)!

So now that we have gotten the dirty work out of the way I want to talk about the future of our Scene! Starting next year there will be a point system for top 8 players that finish in the tournaments. The top three players with the most points will be rewarded with a prize that was accrued by the venue fee’s. I.E. Cash, T.E sticks, Apparel, Some custom arcade parts from sanwa, siemetsu or artshobbies website. First we need to get big enough to do this which is why i want to see what happens this year. So I hope we can start this next year. Another goal is to get live streams, in order for us to do this I need a good reason for Iplaywinner to come to the venue and spend some of their valuable time at our scene. We have enough room to do this.

I will be posting pictures of the venue. I know some of you have already been to their tournaments. What we have done is combined efforts to make it an even better experience. There will be special events where the actual Lincoln Center in Stockton puts on where there will be a night tournament outside with food, a car show and music etc. etc. We have a P.A system to make announcments and a projector so we can watch the finals and semi’s on a big screen! Obviously the players will still play on the T.V’ and not the projector.

Thanks again for all our supporters and lets look forward to a new beggining!

To keep up to date on all thats going on with us here is a Facebook link:

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This is awsome… wish i’d be around for this. Gonna be at Fanime this year around that time! CRAP! You guys gonna do more events like this or is it a one time deal? >.>


Gamer’s ETC is an awesome location. Great job guys.


Your welcome I hope. … We are doing our best. And yes this is definitely a regular thing. We are trying to make it a monthly deal. So lets cross our fingers and hope the turnout is like the lodi one and gets even bigger.


This is awesome! I never heard of Gamers ETC even though i live close to it. I always wanted to go to a Street Fighter tourney my whole life, i guess this is going to be the first tourney i ever been too. Do you guys do SSF4 tourneys every month? :tup:


We are going to try to run them once a month. Both SSFIV soon to be AE. And MVC3. Then when 3rd strike online comes into play we will figure out a rotation based on popularity of the titles.


Will Nicole be there?


I dont know who that is. I am Safe on BLock aka Jacob and my brother Cody PL9000 are the original people who ran the one in Lodi. The other two gentlemen that ran the tournaments in Stockton will be the only others who will be involved as of now. O yeah and my Cuz Randy who is also a o.g. for running our tournaments.


You should update the Facebook link in the first post.

Norcal Throwdown | Facebook


Ooooo nice, this is in distance for me to go. I wasn’t able to go down to Lodi.

Also, I’m glad its on the 360. Pads FTW!


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I am going to throw this out there for those looking at this post and I will also post it on our facebook. With alot of new titles coming out in the near and distant future I want to get a feel on what our Scene is gunna want to see ran in future tournaments. What are your thoughts on:


So if there is any interest in these titles please let me know so we can plan on running them in the near future. Thanks.


Ah, she works there.

Cool deal. Hopefully will be able to check this one out.




You gonna throw the new MK in there?


It would be to hard to run 3 titles. To be honest I would love to. But we wouldnt have enough set ups. I can see if we can run MK next time but i need people to give me some feed back on our face book page. That and we would need to get a couple copies of the game which is an issue since everything we have comes out of our own pockets. But I will see what I can do.


Here are videos of the Grand Finals from Gamers Etc’s Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament.






bump Just a couple more Weeks!


MK would more than likely be next. Maybe with some SSF4 AE. It all depends on the demand.