Norcal Downtown Throwdown Thread (NDT) Discussion/Suggestions

I want to open up a thread that the venue can look at and see what our player base has to say about how things are going. I want people to feel free to constructively critisize as well as suggest ideas. What other games would you like to see ran? Is there a better way to set up the venue? Should we increase the amount of tournaments we hold? Would you like to see team tournaments to return?

With your input I can help speak for you guys and continue to improve upon what I have already established. I want to continue to provide a fun tournament enviorment and expand at the same time.

One thing I want to get started is our own website so if you have any idea of somone who could volunteer some time to help us out with that for the sake of our scene that would be amazing. Thanks for your continued support and look forward to see you at the next NDT.

Im just letting yall know now. If you want this scene to get any bigger I got to show my venue some proof yall are interested or we gunna stay small time. So im asking for the sake of our tournament scene speak up! Thanks. =)

Here is what I am sending to my venue. Let me know what you think.


Our tournament scene has been growing and thriving thanks to our joint efforts! Without your support the Norcal Downtown Throwdown (NDT) wouldn’t be where it is today. Having said that, I believe that we can continue to grow and expand the NDT. Below are some suggestions that I believe would ensure the expansion, growth and stability of the tournament scene we have established.

  1.  Acquisition of more monitors. Through this we will be able to throw larger tournaments and a larger variety of games. At the moment we are stuck with Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. With King of Fighters XIII, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Tekken Tag 2 there are many more games that the community are looking forward to playing competitively. With the ability to throw larger tournaments we will see larger turnouts and in return acquire more venue fee.
  2.  A point system. This is an idea that we will give tournament players a set amount of points based on participation and performance. The points will determine seeding in the tournament brackets as well as special bonuses and perks granted at the end of the NDT season. I have already planned on starting this and will begin on the first tournament of the year starting in February.
  3.  More frequent tournaments. More tournaments on set dates ensure that we get more venue fee at the end of the year. It also ensures that people will understand we take what we are doing is serious and stable. 
  4.  Taking a piece of the venue fee either 20-30% and giving back to the players. This is important because players are traveling from extreme distances (up to 2 hours) to get to our tournaments. This is a kick back saying thanks for supporting us! Some of the tournaments players are going to donate things like shirts and other merchandise to raffle at the end of the year. An idea is that we take the venue fee and the store can take some of it to buy an EVO monitor for first place, a tournament stick for second place, and for third place a gift card to the store itself.  This ensures that the venue fee is still used to benefit the store though it will be used to give back to the players. 
  5.  Live tournament stream. If we find a way to get someone to stream our tournaments live this will not only please our current tournament players but advertise our tournament scene to other people and bring more players in.
  6.  The birth of a major (a huge tournament thrown at the end of the year at a different venue). Through the collaboration and support of venues within the immediate are (Davis, Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco) we can create an opportunity to pull in hundreds of gamers rather than 50. Of course this is an idea that has to be well thought out, supported and planned.  
  7.  A day that we can rent out the game room to players to practice and get together. If we charged 2-3 dollars a head for a day of gaming we can get more use out of the gaming room. This can be done on the weekends that the room isn’t being used for other tournaments or our own tournament. 

These are my ideas and I believe if we can work on these goals our venue and tournament scene can grow steadily and exponentially. Thank you for your time and support.


                                Jacob P Schmidt

More tournies would make me a very happy person!

Would be cool if winner with all those points at the end of the season would be sent to some major for free, but some sort of sponsor would have to be involved.

shit we need weeklies every sunday or something 7 dollar entry 2 dollar venue fee or something
real talk tho 1 tourney in the 209 every 3 months is just not gonna cut it the scene is dead again and no 1 is leveling up

Yeah, weeklies and game variety is the way to go.

Yea for sure more ndt tournaments and more games. kof 13 is sooo hype and I really want to see the scene for it get big. Number 7 is a good idea too. Some kind of weekly session like the way wnf or big two works would be sick, but if its gonna be weekly it should be cheaper than the regular ndt entry fee. Like say a 5 dollar entry fee. The pot wouldn’t be that big but that’s ok, weeklies should be more about leveling up and growing the scene.

Weeklies would be sick. they would have to be on a day that my wife has off and probably at night. Its hard for me because I go to school,kids,work etc. But im all for it ill try to get it planned out. I think the only way i could do a weekly is if it was on a monday or maybe wednesday.

Weeklies would be nice.

It is all about KOF right now no doubt. Besides that a weekly is the best idea, but more importantly the venue is the biggest priority. I have to fight to get into my match, and fight to get out of it, so the next guy can play his tournament match. I’m more then satisfied with the way you have been running your tournament Schmidt. Just the biggest problem for everyone is the room space, and I’m sure everyone can vouch for that.

Gamer tag: Anthon Chigurh

Well our only option to get more space is to hold the tournament in the main area. Which they said they would be willing to do but the times would have to change because that could hurt their business more than help. Ill have to figure something out. Plus they would have to mount the evo monitors and take them out of the " “gaming” area and im all for it but its not my call…

Also our turnouts would most likely be much smaller for weeklies because of the day we would have to do them on based on my availability and the distance alot of our participants travel.

i’m more then cool with the weeklies being in there just the main tournament is kinda stacked.

I got the go ahead for weeklies just gotta hit the venue up and confirm it with the higher ups.

bruh, starkilled can run it whatever days you can’t go. he’s hella good at running shit.

also, dont have weeklies on weekends, either plz. and to be honest, specially for weeklies, have them at a later time like around 6 or 8 so people will be able to go after work.

then maybe like every 3rd saturday of the month, throw a tournament with a pot bonus so that could attract (and hopefully bring) players not from the 209 to come out and participate in your tournaments at least once month.

good shit schmitty even if we have low turnouts its all good we just need a place to play at consistently to level up
thnx dude

So this is the status update on weeklies. I have the go ahead to start them in march. I WILL NEED HELP! So anyone in close proximity that can either volunteer to help on the days I cant make it or what not let me know so we can figure this out. =)

Well the pot bonus would be a great idea but i dont know where i would get the dough. Also we already have fresno cats/ davis cats and a decent number of solid players.

ok, well forget about the pot bonus.

as for the fresno/davis players, thats fine. but isn’t your goal to attract more players?