NorCal Gin X: SF4 - Elk Grove, CA - 8/23/09

Street Fighter 4 Tournament (xbox 360)

Place: Pop Ups internet cafe.
9736 Elk Grove-Florin Rd,
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Date: Sunday August 23rd 2009, 12pm

Pot: $10 entry fee 70/20 split (10 to venue fee)


Double elimination
Matches will be 2/3. Winners and losers finals will be 3/5
All characters allowed
Highly encouraged to bring your own controller or stick
Respect equipment, furniture and other players and please no cursing.


there are davis tourneys on sunday at droms and there is another tourney in sac on that day at 6pm. check the sac forum for info. you might want to change the date of this tourney

i think i’ll be there

Theres finally going to be one at Pop-ups. To bad I would rather go to Droms that day.

I might be there

I will be there.

Wait, so is it 20 bucks to play? 10 to pot and 10 to venue?

no, 3rd place prize goes to venue

Ah okay thanks.

:lol: would like to go but its too far for me right now

cany anybody bring a 360 + game? We’ll give u 2 bucks off…

I can bring PS3 + game if that helps.

Hmm im not sure, im thinking that may complicate things having it on 2 different consoles…

ok we got another 360 now we just need 1 more copy of the game…$2 off entry…any volunteers?

why not free entry?

i dont have a 360 stik, do u think peeps will let me use one? i wanna suport the scene but i dont wanna pay to play n dont get a loner

Alright make that $5 off entry for the first person to bring a copy of the game

tourney starts at 12pm or signsup at 12?

sign ups