NorCal INSTALL! v.2 - Sat. August 28th, 2010 (We HitConfirm Everything!)


Do you want to see some barn burning Guilty Gear extraordinaire? How about re-visiting Dacidbro’s famous astrolled finish? Perhaps you would like to showcase some french bloody melting toast? If you said yes to any of these questions, then come up to play at NorCal’s first minor tournament featuring:

NorCal INSTALL! v.2 (We HitConfirm Everything!)
(We have a website now!)
Sat. August 28th, 2010

Blazblue: Continuum Shift (PS3 Only)
Hosted by: Aginor and SpiritJuice(?)
12:00 pm Singles
6:00 pm 3v3 NorCal vs. SoCal Exhibition

Guilty Gear: Accent Core (PS2 Only)
Hosted by: Qwerty and KatanaDash
2:00 pm Singles
7:00 pm 3v3 NorCal vs. SoCal Exhibition

Melty Blood: Actress Again (PS2 Only)
Hosted by: Tsubasa
3:00 pm Singles
8:00 pm 3v3 NorCal vs. SoCal Exhibition

Special Exhibition
Pre-Register Here!
Pre-Reg closes at Thurs. 8/26 11:59pm.

Stream by Iplaywinner:

Tournament Held at:

2154 University Ave., Berkeley, CA

Pre-Registration: $8*

On Site Registration: $10**

2nd Tournament Entry: $3***

3rd Tournament Entry: $2***

See below for more details

Tournament Rules:

  • Double Elimination.
  • Best 2/3 rounds and matches. Loser can change characters.
  • Failure to appear, for your first match, will send you to losers bracket. Failure to appear for your second match get you DQ.
  • E.X./Unlimited characters are banned.
  • BBCS: DLC are acceptable.

Exhibition Rules:

  • Teams must be formed prior to tournament (how they are formed is entirely up to the community).
  • Waseda Format.
  • Best 2/3 rounds and matches. Loser can change characters.
  • E.X./Unlimited characters are banned.
  • BBCS: DLC are acceptable.

Other Important Rules:

  • NO FOOD! If I see you with food, apart from the snack bars with the occasional snickers, then I’ll do what a Denny’s employee did to [media=youtube]Uyj8pMTxsvg"]Marn[/U[/media]. Beverages are okay.
  • NO FOUL LANGUAGE! Keep your dirty talk to yourselves. We are in a family friendly play area, so watch what you say.
  • BE ON TIME! If you are going to be late, then give the Tournament Organizer/Hosts a call.

Failure to adhere to these rules will get you a one-way ban ticket. No refunds. :kitty:

  • = $3 for venue + stream, $5 for primary tournament
    ** = $4 for venue + stream, $6 for tournament
    *** = 2nd and 3rd tournament entry discount only applies if you (1) pre-register and (2) pay for the venue + primary tournament entrant fee.

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