Norcal lodi downtown throwdown #2 07/25/10 lodi, ca sticky please! =)


The NorCal Downtown Throwdown 7/25/10 Lodi,CA STICKY PLEASE.

The NorCal Downtown Throwdown

There will be a Super Street Fighter IV tournament coming up on July 25th (The last sunday of July). We wanted to advertise this early because we wanted it to be a big event.

The tournament will be for CASH PRIZES and the pot will be split up 70%, 20%, 10%. The entry fee will be 10 dollars 2 of which will go towards future tournaments. Not only will there be a tournament but also an Independent Capcom Trade Show, where there will be: Comics/Manga, Video Games, Wall Scrolls, Controllers, Arcade Sticks and Parts. Bottled water will be provided.

The address for the Venue is.

Lodi Comic Grapevine
9 West Pine St
Lodi Ca
And will be provided by Alan Chan.

We will also be setting up a pay pal method to pay ahead of time but will have open enrollment the day of the tournament. The tournament will be played on the XBOX 360 and ran on Crt Setups. We can provide standard XBOX controllers/ Six Buttons but you will be able to bring any of your own controllers/sticks. There will be a losers and winners bracket double elimination. Enrollment starts at 11am and ends at 3pm. The tournament starts at 3:30pm to give players time to relax have casuals and eat lunch.

Parking is free.

For any other questions contact.
Randal Weber @ 209-369-1405 Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am - 7 pm, or for quick question you can send a message to me or codallenschmidt on the SRK forums.
We want to thank everyone that went last time. Our first tournament ran 30 people and first place got 195$ if we can get more people we can GIVE OUT MORE MONEY! Thank you, and lets get some more hype in NorCal.


Hey everyone, I helped organize the venue with Schmidtnurface among others, for those that attented I was the one sporting the Sagat name badge. It’s feedback time! We want to make this event run faster, smoother and just overall better.

We’re going to run CRT set ups for the entire tournament of Throwdown #2. They’ll be nice and clean, promise!

We also need to know what the best converter adapter is for PS3 -> XBOX 360 for controllers and fighter sticks. We’d like to allow PS3 users to use their arcade sticks or controllers (if they prefer) but we should have at least one 360 arcade stick available for the venue.

Next is merch! We’ll have similar items to what we had last time but we need to know what affordable goods you want there (if interested). All proceeds go towards benefiting the next event, this is for you guys, so don’t forget!

Feedback & input is appreciated!


dont think is such thing as a good ps3 to 360 converter. You guys can either have both or everyone can just play one. =D



The Nor Cal Downtown Throwdown #2!
This is one of Central California’s newest Super Street Fighter IV (4) venues.

With a minimum turnout of 30 players and cash prizes for the Top 3 spots, this is just the beginning of bigger and better things.

A Capcom Trade station will be open, dealing in Capcom Comics, Trades & Manga (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers). A variety of Capcom video game and collectible goods will be available day of tournament as well. Replacement Sanwa/Semitsu buttons and ball tops will also be available for those who enjoy customizing their arcade sticks.

All proceeds go towards improving our small town venue, continuing to make it a little bigger and better each time. We’re by the fans, for the fans and encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

For those who are not tournament ready we’ll offer all day casuals featuring Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2) & Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii).

The setup will be on CRT Televisions to ensure lag is a non-factor for each bracket. We’ll also be rotating the winners & losers so that the tournament can run much more efficiently.
Food courts will be mapped out within a block’s radius for all those who attend. Discounts may apply for tournament goers at select restaurants, value would be 5-10% off.

Free bottled water will also be available for all tournament players. Other concessions will also be available in the Comic side of the venue for all participants and visitors who want affordably priced drinks and snacks.

Parking on Sunday is FREE and there is also a FREE parking garage located nearby the event if the store-front spaces are taken. An Amtrak/Bus Station is also within a short walking distance for all those who prefer to use public transit to reach the venue.

Our friendly staff will help ensure your experience is a positive one and we hope to see you next fight!


The last tourney was pretty fun. I appreciate having chairs outside of the venue 'cause things were getting a little cramped in the beginning.


Bumpdate #2
We’ve managed to secure 1 MadCatz SF4 arcade stick (standard, not TE) for the tournament.
This will be available for any players who do not have their own but prefer to play on one.

As per DJcream’s observation we’ll have plenty of chairs set up outside the venue to avoid a cramped tournament area.

We also need to know what the best screens are to use in future events (after Throwdown #2) so we can look into investing into the proper displays.


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Bumping to keep the meter up, more info to follow as things fall into place.


This is probably the wrong thread but I would like to find some local people to play with. I live in Stockton and I’m on xbox.

are there many active players around here?


Alright! Finally getting the hang of this site, good shit more locals.


Yeah for sure if anyone is interested we do have casuals 2 times a month at a store here in lodi and if you want to keep posted on the dates send me a Friend invite and ill shoot you a message. They usually go from 5- to past 12. With multiple non laggy tv’s. All run on multiple systems to accomidate everyone.


Forward, quarter circle forward, bump!


who is providing the arcade parts for this tounament any chance he will have maybe a bat top. and my main question will he be able to solder?


The arcade parts are for sale. We will not provide service as far as soldering goes. We might have a dude help with putting buttons in TE’s. But basically any mods are up to you to take care of. If there are any special orders you would like for us to provide please let us know.


Yo is it cool if i bring in a Melty Blood setup just to put on display and such? Now that EVO is over, I’d like to promote the game a bit.


I would really want to play with a battop joystick. DJcream i would love to play melty :slight_smile:


For sure dude. Ive been wanting to get some playtime on that for ever, maybe nxt throwdown can b SSFIV/MB


Bump!! I’ll be traveling from Oakland for this tournament. See you all Next weekend!



hope to see you there bro


hey snake eyes are u the guy that played gief in the hdr tournament at evo and placed first. if so nice games man. that was a highlight for me