Norcal MARVELLL results, tehboogieman vs Chunkasaurus REX

Salinas, CAli tournay that happend a couple weeks ago.I think Chris schmidt deserves alotta credit for goin STEWYY.

1)Chris Schmidt "tehboogieman"
3)Curtis “PIGGYBANK aka THE SEE JAY aka Showstopper”

THE FINALLS,SSCC)%20vs%20Schmizzle%20(6W%20SSCC,MSS)%20FINALS.wmv

the vids will gain more votes for Chris.

Really impressive Schmidt.

That video is nuts.

Cris is a mad fucking beast. I give this video match 5 stars.

Korngo sounds mad faded hahahaha

Nice vids garbage music!!!

How the fuck do you guys play to that pokiman shit, If you cats want some real MVC2 mixes hit me up on AIM. This cat SCHMIZZLE plays like hes from the EAST COAST. GOOD SHIT

Nice vids
Good shit chris

yea that is seriously the most horrible mix i agree. That wasnt our crews mix. Now that we got hevad livin near us hes got the hook up to dope mixes(made by d.hyo), which will hopefully be in the next vid.

That mix was mine of course and yes Im ready for a new one. that was the best mix available atm. Also my vidcappn too. PEACE>>>>>>>>>

chris s is GDLK

Worst… commentary… EVER. Seriously… next time you’re taping a match that’s going to get posted somewhere, either stay sober or stay away from the camera mic. :confused:

no way i vote korn for all marvel commentary ever

wow…theres only one thing to say


Was chunking sewing while he was playing or what. Chris is beastly but Ive never seen him beat chunk like that

C.S. team wc

nah, chris s. is just that good

sleep on this guy and he’ll WAKE U UP.

hell yeah dawg. i was on that patron and purp’d up like always, homie. lol

my bad to bring up old shit, but oh well. everyone will live.

stiltman, shut up. mr. i write documentry’s on how i can beat everybody in the world if i didn’t look like bill gates and sucked in marvel. peace out neeyif

korngOOoo ftw !

MM Korngo vs Stiltman

more nor-cal footage

fix the link