Norcal Player Project (3rd Strike Documentary)


Wadup ya’ll.

This is a short documentary I put together where players share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the game we all love. I showed up to SVGL on a Friday night unannounced, and put people on the spot in front of the camera. This is what came from it. Big ups to everyone that participated! Peace!

  • Neiman




Hope to see arnel in it!!!


hella dope!

I’m a fan of Nor Cal 3s

play on playas


Good stuff Neiman, was wondering what would become of that.


very cool. kind of reminds me of the french scene’s old 3rd Strike TV videos. hope to see more!


Great you did this. :slight_smile: I wish other communities for 3rd Strike and other games did similar documentaries. What was that song used at the beginning? Oh wait I saw it on the page.


You didn’t see The Smash Brothers? It was a great documentary series.
I enjoyed your documentary. As an aspiring amateur filmmaker, I want to make something that follows a group of people, but that shit costs money.


Yeah Ive seen that, but that was a big scope thing about the whole american scene and the history of the game. I mean itd be cool if people did something a little more low key like this, maybe more around 30 minutes with more editing in video of game footage. I was thinking Id want to do that at UFO, but I cant now. Some Australian people have done a few things lie kit, and Ive seen this old video called East Coast View that Ricky Ortiz and Arturo are in looking insanely young haha.


I’m from Atlanta, and there are a few meetups and tournaments. I want to meet someone who is good enough to hit at least Final Round, ask to follow them around a few times, and edit out a series. I’d call it something like “Rise to the Top” or some other terribly generic title.


Really like the sync of the beat with the hits of the combos in the action @neiman‌

But generally good shit man


I hella wished I still lived in the Bay Area. This was done pretty well. I’d like to see a longer version one day. Lol, this is the first game that ever made me cry - with every emotion that I had in my body.


Hell yea. I want to go to svgl with you guys.

Mikes answer is the same as mine. First time I saw jimmy play.


This cost me nothing to make. I already have a video camera and just decided to show up to SVGL since I was in the area and ask people questions in front of the camera. I can hook you up with software if you pm me. You have a Macbook?


Cool video Neiman. I sound like I nerd.

I owe you a visit sometime soon.


I wish we had more than 2 people to play 3s against up here in the north east haha. Good stuff.


very cool neiman.

north east where more specifically?


Nah, but I do concede that Apple products are better for film and music making. I’ll hit you up when I get off work…


I miss svgl. Maybe I’ll go soon (^_-)


Rhode Island/Mass theres few players especially now willing to even drive 30 mins to play lol