NorCal Pre-EVO Gathering/Tournaments/Casuals @ MGL this Saturday 6/30/2012


[LEFT]**This Saturday we will be setting up at Milpitas Golfland for one last small event before EVO. **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Costs will be as low as possible ($5 reg + $5 pot). **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Sign-ups will start at 12:00 noon and will end at 2:00PM. Tournament games will be SSFIV:AE2012 & UMVC3. **[/LEFT]
[LEFT]After the tournaments are finished we will keep stations open for casuals until 10:00PM for those looking to get that extra grind in.[/LEFT]


Are there going to be stations for casuals all day? Not really interesting in a tournament just wanna grind out match ups.


Yes, $5 wristband required to play on consoles though.


Thank you joe for holding this event yesterday. The fresno crew recognizes all the work and time you put into making these events enjoyable. We look forward to the next one!