NorCal Regionals Results

Nor Cal Regionals Results, we want em

NorCal Regionals Results, give em to us as soon as you get em =D

i heard that the namco cabinet sucks.

Not sure if this is correct, but I called Edma and this is what he told me

Team 3rd Strike
1st- Gee O/Rockefeller/Pyrolee
2nd- Ricky Ortiz/Buktooth/Choi???

CvS2 Singles
1st- Ricky Ortiz
2nd- Gee O
3rd- Combofiend

i believe MvC2 came down to

Rickys Team vs doug’s team

i dont know who won tho.

[09:09] (COLDdillz): team ricky ohayo1234 combofiend won mvc2 team
[09:09] (EYEDOL): thanx
[09:10] *** COLDdillz is now known as HOTdillz
[09:10] (cablepuff): what team was each one using?
[09:10] (cablepuff): and 2nd place?
[09:10] (cablepuff): thanks coldillz btw.
[09:10] (HOTdillz): 2nd place was mikey rasaphone doug and someone else

i thinks that “someone else” is a Ross or a Robert…

i know its a “R”… :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant wait to upload the vid footage of TS vs DJ-b13

basically Ryu vs Magnus :stuck_out_tongue:

gooooood shit

My team got…i guess you can say 9th?..which was better then i expected…expecially since our 3rd member (orochi) at 2 times had to beat out all 3 team mates on the other team.

Choi didnt show today until close to the end of the tourneys

Joe was on Ricky’s team.

either way good shit to the So. Cal team Yun is crazy as ever and a solid Yang by Gee O

Singles today so who knows what is going to happen…

and SunnyVale needs to expand or something that place was crowed and had that sour smell all day. Some fools never heard of showers.

so did SvC: chaos get a giant 5 man turnout? :lol:

what happened to buktooth in cvs2?

hey shogo, any hookup on vids:D

i think 8 peeps competed. woOt!

i remember until the last 30minutes…there was only 3 signed up…haha

Shogo left for NCR Sunday morning.

[17:30] <anthonyL> SCV CHAOS RESULTS FOR RCR
[17:30] <anthonyL> 1ARTURO
[17:30] <anthonyL> 2ND K4
[17:30] <anthonyL> 3RD I THINK CHAMPBELL
[17:33] <anthonyL> arturo used zero
[17:33] <anthonyL> k4 used ryu and shiki
[17:34] <anthonyL> and i think others

i cant believe they didnt ban zero…cheap-as-fuck

I think Buk lost to either GeeO or Combofiend in winner’s, and then to Zim in losers.

To someone else who asked: Cvs2 filled out an entire 64-man bracket.

Choi didn’t enter any of the tournies last night. He showed up and played a few casual games, but that’s it.
I believe he’ll be in the team tourney today.

Yeah, there was some foul smell going on throughout the tourney… Made it hella uncomfortable to stand around recording matches.

:lol: damn… i hear that…

there’s this one dude that smelled like crap… he stood near the entrance watching cvs2 matches… the wind blew in and… well… it was unpleasant… i spray him twice with the axe bottle i brought with me… two other dudes sprayed him… he still stank up like a mofo… oh well


~Born to Play~

Is it true that Arturo got 1st, in SVC?

well…if he used Zero its prob true…:bluu:

werent that many memorable matches i remember

i liked match between DJ and the ryu player was pretty close… the guy owned with ryu lol… but DJ barely pulled it off…


Dude shoulda been playing, he could have gotten some OSV’s…

whats going on in 3S singles over there?! anyone anyone?