Norcal Strongstyle 2 WC SBO Quals for TK:DR and SC3 May 5-6th


Once again, Norcal will be holding a West Coast Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection major at Sunnyvale Golfland + SBO qualifiers for TK5 and SC3.

Sunnyvale Golfland
855 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale CA, 94087


Singles: May 5th, 2007, 2PM

Team: May 6th, 2007, 2PM



Pay per play

Singles Tournament: $20 dollar entry fee
2/3 matches
3/5 matches in losers and winners finals
4/7 matches for the grand finals
Double elimination
Pay out for singles - 70/20/10 from the pot.

SBO Qualification Team Tournament: 3 vs. 3
$60 dollar entry fee for each team
SBO double elimination format
Payout for teams is still TBD
Can not have duplicate characters on team/must use same character throughtout the entire tournament. When signing up for teams, please also state the characters you will be using.

SOUL CALIBUR 3 SBO QUALS: $20 entry fee
2/3 matches
3/5 matches in losers and winners finals
4/7 matches for the grand finals
Double elimination
Pay out for singles - TBD

Please do not enter the SBO qualification tournaments unless you plan on traveling to Japan and competing at SBO as it may mess up brackets and final outcome. If you would like to donate to the US team’s funds, please donate directly to the event coordinator.

The US SBO representatives chosen at this event (3 TK players and 1 SC player) will get their roundtrip plane tickets to SBO paid for. (with some limitations)

Stay tuned to this thread for more details.


Get this MONEY!!!

very nice

Is there a reason AE isn’t one of the games for this qualifier?

It’s cause there are 0 arcades with AE in Norcal so FFA is holding the AE qualifier.

Ah, ok. Thanks.

does any one remember GALACTAKIN off lawrence and prospect rd.?

Go Team Usa!!!

i think theres an ae cabinet at southland mall in hayward, but not sure. i remember it having like all the alphas on it, but it had ssf2 turbo too, just separately

Thanks to everyone that donated to Team USA so far. As promised, here are the names of these much appreciated community members:

Phillix “Goten” Fong
Talim JP
Eric “Leezy” Lee
Albert Carmona

Donations can be sent via paypal to or PM me to discuss other methods. Please put “Team USA Donation” as the subject line. I will update this post with the names of everyone that donated.

Please note that at the conclusion of the SBO qualifiers, I will be awarding the winners an official SBO award certificate and a passcard(looks like a credit card) to allow you entry into SBO finals in Japan. So please stick around to receive those. Also, be prepared to give me your contact information (email, phone number) so that I can coordinate the free plane ticket with you.

Thanks and good luck everyone!

FUCK YEAH. That arcade was the shit!

Get Your Tournament will be providing coverage of this tournament online, as well as the SBO qualifier the week after. So I’ll be talking to a few of you before/during/after the tournament.

Can’t wait to meet you all.


Good luck guys, hope to see some of you in Japan this year.