Norcal Strongstyle 2 WC SBO Quals for TK:DR and SC3 May 5-6th


Once again, Norcal will be holding a West Coast Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection major at Sunnyvale Golfland.

855 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale CA, 94087

Ill post more on lodging/traveling/housing info in a separate thread.


Singles: May 5th, 2007, 2pm

Team: May 6th, 2007, 2pm



Pay per play

Singles Tournament: $20 dollar entry fee
2/3 matches
3/5 matches in losers and winners finals
4/7 matches for the grand finals
Double elimination
Pay out for singles - 70/20/10 from the pot.

Team Tournament: 3 vs. 3
$60 dollar entry fee for each team
SBO double elimination format
Payout for teams is still tba
Cant have duplicate characters on team/must use same character throughtout entire tournament.When signing up for teams please also state the characters you will be using.

SOUL CALIBUR 3 SBO QUALS: $20 entry fee
2/3 matches
3/5 matches in losers and winners finals
4/7 matches for the grand finals
Double elimination
Pay out for singles - TBD

The US SBO representatives chosen at this event (3 TK players and 1 SC player) will get their roundtrip plane tickets to SBO paid for. (with some limitations)

Stay tuned to this thread for more details.


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john made me post.

Please note that you should only enter this qualifying tournament if you are willing and able to fly to Japan and compete in SBO finals taking place on August 10th weekend. Please do not enter the tournament if you can not compete in the finals in Japan as it can skew rankings for other US hopefuls.

I am personally financing the US team’s plane tickets to Japan. The entry fee will be used to help defray that cost. If you can not attend SBO finals but would like to make a contribution to team USA, I will accept donations at the event.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

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hey choi how do i donate? im in MN right now… not CA… i wanna donate! GO USA!! paypal?

Thank you for your generosity sir. I’ll PM you with details.

replied but… no response yet…

looks like a great event. was this already approved by golfland management? funds are being taken from the pot and used to reimburse for the plane tickets right?

i know from talking with my manager (yes i know its a different golfland), that golfland tournaments weren’t supposed to do that. maybe i am mistaken.

the only reason im bringing it up is just in case they had a problem with it (they probably wouldnt) it would be something to consider.

and you CANT have duplicate characters on the same team? interesting.

WOW Choi that’s a lot of **** to suck to finance the winners. LOL good luck man.

Hey John…

I needz two info… when specifically is SC3 quals? both Sat and Sun or just Sat or just Sun??? and are the sticks American sticks or Jpn Sticks???

Need to know for my job… i work weekends ;-;



no be quiet rob

no be quiet rob

The SC3 quals will take place only on Sat. It will only spill over to Sunday if we are unable to finish on Sat, but that seems unlikely based on the low number of interest.

The SC3 machine is on a standard US big screen cabinet with US joysticks.

Thanks for the info…

Actually, there should be no issue at all finishing in 1 day. And Sat will be the big TK singles which will make SVGL really crowded. And since TK SBO quals will take place on Sunday, let’s just hold the SC3 quals on Sunday.

2PM Sunday for SC3 quals.

So who’s going to run the unoffical mvc2 tourney?

Thanks to everyone that donated to Team USA so far. As promised, here are the names of these much appreciated community members:

Phillix “Goten” Fong
Talim JP
Gene “ppr kut” Duenas
Eric “Leezy” Lee
Isaiah “repuken” Taylor
Albert Carmona

Donations can be sent via paypal to or PM me to discuss other methods. Please put “Team USA Donation” as the subject line. I will update this post with the names of everyone that donated.

Please note that at the conclusion of the SBO qualifiers, I will be awarding the winners an official SBO award certificate and a passcard(looks like a credit card) to allow you entry into SBO finals in Japan. So please stick around to receive those. Also, be prepared to give me your contact information (email, phone number) so that I can coordinate the free plane ticket with you.

Thanks and good luck everyone!