Norcal Super Turbo thread




Hi. You going to NCR this year?


I guess I should post this here. :slight_smile: Also, early bird registration ends this sunday (3/23).

ST Revival welcomes Nor Cal Regionals as a [TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier. Please note, this qualifier will be replacing the Myungcenter Qualifier as the Nor Cal Qualifier. Special thanks to John Choi for helping us organize this qualifier. Also additional thanks to Myung, Papasi, Ultracombo, Thrust and GeoRam for their help


  • April 19th @ 2PM PST

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
300 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814


  • XBox 360 HDR Classic Mode (4:3 resolution / ST Classic Sprites)
  • Asus Monitors


  • Double elimination.
  • 3/5, 4/7 Grand Finals
  • Akuma is banned.

Entry fee:


I think so. I got a place to stay. I just need to get off my lazy ass and sign up. Think Kuroppi read my mind.


Thanks for posting btw. Kuroppi, may i suggest that you post the “other” registration fee? It’s $35 plus $2.50 processing. That’s $35+$2.50+$5.


Processing fee? Lame.


do you have to pay to spectate? im also talking to ceg see if its being streamed or whatnot (im not streaming)

also i have a fakebook someone approve so i can look at the fb page or whatever however you use it


Registered for NCR.

Remember sunday is the last day for early bird discount.

Don’t procrastinate


John ‏@JohnChoiBoy Mar 20
Spec passes will be sold on site for $10 for all weekend




Pre-NCR ST session happening this weekend. Reunion time. Ya’ll are welcome to come!


any of yall got a room for ncr and/or give me a ride to ncr?

where and what time? im booked sat evening and sunday afternoon


Geo’s place this Saturday. Not sure when it starts, I think around 6ish. PM Geo for info.


Damn I haven’t been on SRK in a minute haha.

Yo Anthony we’re going to NCR on friday right? Maybe we could take Nick too?

If not, Papasi is going the next day, and he’s taking geo. Since the East Bay is on the way I think he could give you a lift too.


Sure. We’ll talk details this Saturday.


can’t make it :< got a dinner date

I’d like to get there ASAP since I might be doing some stuff.


I will try and make it


For any stragglers out there:

  • Thrust07

I feel like Tim Duncan of ST, except I’m not as clutch. This is seriously my last EVO. Been over this game like decades ago but it’s fun hanging out with ya’ll. On top of this, I think it’ll be a while before anyone takes over Kuroppi’s hard work and dedication for ST Revival. I’m hoping many of you can come out for one last time.


Anybody still playing ST? I’m in Fairfield. Definitely prefer Hyper Fighting but willing to play ST also.


Ultracombo and Papasi (they post in this thread), are the ones you want to get in contact with. Their crew primarily plays ST, but most ST guys don’t mind throwing down in HF anyways. Pretty similar games in terms of raw mechanics. Hit them up either here, or better yet, on their FB group: