Norcal Super Turbo thread

Hi, lets keep communication up here I suppose.

Southtown Arcade SF JP ST board
Gamecenter San Mateo (papasi’s board) on H2H setup

I’ll update this post with events and shit.


Let’s try and get a ranbat going!!! Biweekly or monthly or something… I know people are going to be busy (including myself) but still, should try at least once or twice a month, this is too fun, and we learn a lot from these sessions.

If these don’t work we can always try and get a bi-annual ST “minor” get socal up here and shit!!!

mizuki- union city
starkilled- stockton
saikyostudent- milpitas
l2p- hell
fudd- fairfield
evoanon - sf
KBeast - Suisun
macaroni- Vallejo
tyram- fairfield

I swear there are so many people from Norcal who play ST on ggpo regularly. Dudes need to come out of hiding and post up!
anywho, I am in Stockton, but I play on a daily basis. I am all in for meeting everyone for offline play, as long as I have the day off. D:


Fools come out the cuts and body cats like “I don’t even play this game…”

What do you guys play st on? I do classic mode on hdr.

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I still wanna play ST but I suck

I play Chun, and by that I mean sMP and throw.

From Milpitas, but I guess I can hit up Etrium every once in a while if I don’t have work.

add me… im from everywhere. The San Mateo arcade has cabs just need ST.


I tried getting into HDR but I think I like ST better.

Southtown has a Hyper Fighting cab that no one plays, you could try talking them into replacing it with ST.

Hi everyone,

Just thought we’d pop in and mention that we have a Japanese ST Board on the way. ETA is next week.


I say we play Classic mode on HDR, for reasons being

  1. It looks a lot better IMO
  2. Its one of the most Near arcade perfect ports to date ( better then DC )
  3. You can choose between ST and Old mode without odd inputs
  4. Everyone has at least an Xbox or ps3 Fightstick for it and Button mapping is amazing.

That’s pretty amazing. Would a h2h setup be possible?

I tried looking for a ST board to buy, but I cant find one anywhere. I rather play SF4 (which i hate) then play HDR

Sweet, more people! So I guess the place to be is Southtown once they get their board?!
Is it possible to make the ST h2h like the sf4 cab? the room would be much needed against big people like me =(

Hi southtownarcade,

Can’t wait!

Seriously can you guys arrange for a h2h or side by side setup?

Japanese cabs are too small for two people to play on without interfering with each other.

If you want to justify the cost of allocating two cabs to ST, we could get a group of 4-8 people coming and pay you a fix amount per head per day for free play.

So you know how much you’ll be getting paid in advance.


HDR Classic’s training mode is good for practicing shit.

Im talking about HDRs CLASSIC mode… its better then the Dreamcast port of ST for practicing… why all the hate for HDR classic mode when its PRETTY FUCKING CLOSE TO PERFECT ST?

When would you guys be doing this get together? If I am free I might come play just to mess around haven’t touched either HDR or ST in a while now. I will only go if there will be more then 2 people there at least or else its not even worth it I don’t think


i think we can go on saturday or sunday after southtown confirms that they got the cabs running.

classic mode is ok. but the speed is off and some minor input lags

might as well use mame with a laptop

i’ll drop by at southtown.