NorCal Super Turbo?

I’m probably going to be moving up to San Francisco. Just wondering if anyone in the area plays Super Turbo or Anniversary Edition (arcade or console). Which arcades have ST or AE around the Bay?

AFAIK, there are 0 arcades that have ST/AE near San Francisco.

But the Wolfe brothers and Sirlin live in the area and are ST fans so you should try PMing them for console play. Usernames are: Graham, Sirlin, A_Wolfe.

Also, TigerCraneFist’s home arcade in berkeley should be getting the ST board any day now(he may have already gotten it) to put in his japanese cabinets. Check out the East Bay/Berkeley in-house action thread to get info and stuff. It’s a cool place with chill regulars.

I know it’s a drive, but you should stop by too, Choi.

I live in Sac, with an ST cabinet in my garage. Very few people to play with :C

In santa cruz, st in cab (for a little longer anyway) :sad: and a supergun.

i live in san jose and i prefer to play on console on my own sticks so there’s nobody to play with.

Hey, I know there are quite a few people in the bay area that play this game, what I am considering is have a meet for ST bi monthly. I have a board and supergun if thats an issue, but its all japanese sticks. I am really interested in reviving this game since a lot of people are getting interested in it again.

Id be happy to host that if people want to come to berkeley and play on the candy cabinets. Good idea though man, would be nice to see that happen. If not here in berkeley I’m down to help out however I can set that up.

The whatever-it-is arcade in San Rafael used to have a broken AE, but I’ve never seen it actually run.

The Family Fun Center up in Roehnert Park has an AE.

That’s all I know.

so whats it fellas? I am open to host this if people are down. I have Super Turbo (japanese) in a Konami Windy cabinet, ladams00 has a supergun he offered to bring so it could be a nice set up. If people are really into this lets get it moving.

I also would be willing to have ST sessions at my place. my friend spider dan has the cps2 blue board and i have a cab at my house which we can play on. just throwing the invite out there to anyone who would be down to come down to Fairfield for some ST.

I might try to make it out there sometime man, and vice versa if youre interested. Ill let ya know.

Holy fuck, NC ST.

I’m around here, the movie theater over here has this weird emulatored SF2 board that has all SF2 games. It has ST, AFAIK it’s perfect, but stick and comp sucks, cuz its just casuals who play there.

i was there a couple months ago at union landing and the sticks and buttons on that thing were all jacked. on the 1 player side it seemed like all the buttons were mapped to jab and you couldn’t just stand neutral without your character walking forward unless you pressed back or down. it was especially weak since i just changed like $5 to tokens. :rolleyes:

Any word on this bi-monthly ST thing? If I get my Japanese ST board back I’ll try and make it/bring it (Cannons? Choi? :wink: ). I love the game, but I’m garbage from only playing the computer. :sad:

Good ole’ Spiderdan. Almost battled my dog to the death with a MSH board. True story. :lol:

We’ve been playing ST on Sunday’s at Seth’s house. You should contact him and get in on the action.

Anything going down this Sunday??

As far as a Supergun goes, I’ve just got spare parts, enough to slap some shit together, I just need a scan-doubler to get a video signal onto a tv screeen.

We might be doing something on saturday but I’m not sure. I’ll let you STers know as soon as something is finalized.

yeah fellas, saturday it is .Contact me via PM and I will give you all the details.