Norcal team selection and maintenance process

The tentative date for the initial qualifier is 3rd week of Jan which falls between West Coast Warzone and Fresno events. Details are still pending and I’ll post it up soon as it is finalized.

im usually in the bay on the 3rd week of every month so i might just go out to the qualifier for the fun of it and to get better

bouta start playin super 4 religiously again, fuck my life

im 75% sure ima be at that fresno event with my friend anyways so might as well try out

Great Idea John :]

And I really like Haunts’ idea too! :smiley:

Mr. John Choi, Please check your private messages. Thank you sir.

I share this vision. Great job John.

Scunsion has graciously agreed to host the very first Norcal team quals on Jan 13th. Start time is 8PM at Scunsion’s house.

Format is round robin. Each competitor will play 1 game vs everyone. Character lock is in effect. The top 5 best scores are on the team. $3 to enter, everything goes to the house.

Due to space constraints, the sign up is capped at 20 players. To participate, send me a PM to secure a spot and I’ll let you know the address.

The name of participants will be updated here.

  1. Scunsion
  3. Edg3
  4. sparkmandrill
  5. El Cubano Loco
  6. XsK_Samurai
  7. Grimmz
  8. Ghostmaker
  9. Nu
  10. Batman77
  11. ND Lee
  12. Leoncio
  13. LPN
  14. Dante
  15. Nonzerohero
  16. Jab Drunk
  17. Tim
  18. LB
  19. noej
  20. Kineda

Cap reached. No more signups for this round.

I sent you PM, sir :smiley:

Hey John, I’d also like to try out :]

You can put me down as Nu, or nubbbs :]


:lol: I’ll give it a try :rofl: why not :bgrin:

Just sent a PM :cool:

Sup Choi…please check pms sir

was it just the first 20 that signed up that got in?

Yep. First come first serve. See you guys tonight!

:lol: I’m glad I signed up early :wgrin:

sorry guys cant make it tonite

Team members for this round are:
John Choi
Miky "XsK_Samurai"
Mike “Ghostmaker” Chow
Nu “nubbb” Nguyen

Great games.

Triple threat Roos, ryu exterminator Gen, unpredictable abel.

great event, thanks John for organizing and Scunsion for hosting. was cool to meet and play everyone even for one game. congrats to this round’s team members!

:lol: Thanks a lot John for organizing and Scunsion for hosting. Had fun. Good games to everyone and congratulations to everyone that made it. :cool:

Hella mad i couldnt go…but either way good stuff guys who qual’d!!