Norfolk, VA - All the way from SoCal

Coming from SoCal I feel so lonely out here in VA. COULD SOMEONE PICK ME UP AND GET SOME GAYMEZ WITH ME PLS!? Thank you.

Where are you in Norfolk? Also, what games do you play? I’m guessing Marvel is one of them.

You SE VA folk better take advantage of having this guy in your area for the time to help level you guys up.

join that nobody in sova uses srk anymore.

I dabble in everything! But I love Mahvel and SF3 (even though I’m baddddddd)
I’m at the Little Creek Naval Base :stuck_out_tongue:

And not a comma was givin this day, huh? tell them to accept my request!!!

I just moved to Newport News, which (I believe) isn’t too far away. I just started playing UMvC3 and AE2012, and I’m down to get some games in. PM me your cell #

Yo, if you’re in Newport News, have you played games with the NN crew yet? Also, you should come to Winner’s Sports Bar tomorrow for some UMvC3 and SFIV. Oh, and join the FB group if you hadn’t already done so.

I’ve only been here about a week, and haven’t really had time to game with getting acclimated, but I’m definitely interested. Can you give me (or point me in the direction of) more info about the group of players here + this sports bar?

Thanks for the heads-up.

In our area, there’s two main regions for Marvel. In NN/Hampton, there’s Zeus, SMP, Darren, Crossfate, Martin, Troyboy and others. The other region is Virginia Beach, with SnackPack, Ian, Willie, and some more players out there. Scooder and myself are the only ones from Chesapeake who will play. For SFIV, there’s players from every city who play, though there’s a larger presence of it on the southside (Norfolk/VA Beach/Chesapeake).

Right now, our only public venue is Winner’s Sports Bar in Norfolk (1524 Johnstons Road), where we play games every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to midnight-ish. We usually have 2-dollar tournaments there for SFIV, KofXIII, and UMvC3, which start between 8:00 and 8:30. Besides that, someone usually hosts at least once a week at their place. Zeus or Edgar will host for UMvC3, SFIV, and whatever else in NN. Sometimes, Ian will host for UMvC3, and the NN/Hampton guys will go there. Foomy hosts for KoF and some SFIV (but more KoF than anything).

Sadly, no one around here uses srk anymore to network or discuss anything. Dsinnie and myself are the only ones who even check the regional section, so we try to catch all new threads and posts regarding this area.

Incoming message.

Hey it’s Martin. Yeah, I rarely check SRK. Keep up the good work DBC. The more players the better.