Norfolk, VA. Game's N Trade Results - SF4/T6

Thanks to everyone (especially the new players) that attended the first-ever Game’s N Trade Tourney! I hope you all enjoyed yourself and things weren’t moving too slow. If there’s any suggestions for the next tourney let me know. It will be even bigger as we will be advertising it outside of SoVA.

Also for the next tourney, there will be better prize(s) and Quizno’s will be sponsoring this time. Space will not be an issue.

I managed to get most of the new players to register @

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Photos from the Event courtesy of Nelson

=SF4 - 27 Entrants=

1: RyRy (VIP, SAG) ($81.00, Tropical Smoothie Meal/Smoothie, Movie Pass for 2 to see “Legion”, Game Lounge time )
2: Foomy (RUF, AKU) ($40.50 and Tropical Smoothie)
3: 10x (KEN) ($13.50 and Tropical Smoothie)
4: UEZ (CHU) (Tropical Smoothie)
5: Randumbcat (ABL, ZAN, ROG, GOU)
7: Gummo (SAG)
7: Talnius (SIM)
9: Jae Mito (ROG)
9: Dsinnie (BLA)
9: Kangarou (VIP)
13: liquid757
13: ZeroHits (CAM)
13: JayLee
13: FireFlyz
17: J3W
17: Steve (ABL)
17: The Cub (RYU)
17: Winback (GUI)
17: Phillip
17: Cjacuna
17: Saihero
17: Blake
25: Sully (GUI)
25: Blackula (SAG)
25: Jarrod

Hypest Match of the night goes to: Blackula(SAG) VS. Steve(ABL)

=T6 - 12 Entrants=

Decided to change this to Winner-Take-All due to the low turnout.

1: WORD ($50)
2: RyRy
3: Tom Brady
4: Blackula
5: Winback
5: Jaguar
7: CJ
7: Bad LT
9: Richard
9: Steve
9: Gamer D-Wreck

(Apologies to Blake for forgetting to put you in this tourney. I’ll make it up to you with a combo meal or something next time I see you.)

damn i woulda won this one too and seen legion for free. gs guys.

Damn, how’d I get 9th? I did WAY better than I thought.

great venue! had fun, ggs everybody.

Great event! Can’t wait for the next one.

Chun players drink tropical smoothie. Real talk.

good work Vince. Nice and chill venue. very happy i was able to make it out today afterall, thx to AFTF. looking forward to future GnT events.

my only real suggestion for future events is to work on AC…it wasn’t really an issue, but if this becomes the venue of choice for SoVA’s monthlies or a frequent location for tournaments in general, it’s an issue that’s gotta get treated @ some point before summer.




All the footage I really got, I’ll try harder to get more footage of the new faces up and grand finals. Sorry, but no one wants to see a grand final consisting of Foomyjin and RyRy again, so no big deal.

Already been taken care of. Bevon(zerohits) offered to use the space next door since he has access to that entire unit. I decided against that since I didn’t think we’d get THIS much of a turnout. Clearly, we will be using that space next time.

Good tournament Vince! Awesome times. Good games to everyone but especially nelson and dsinnie I learned a lot about how to fight your characters yesterday and I will be implementing it soon. I’m going to start pray to little knee at night until we next play. =-)

I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be trying to participate in events as they come along. Someday I won’t be a free win, lol.

Okay, first of all this event was near perfect. Tournament was run without a hitch. Organized beautifully. Hats off to Vince for running the show and to all who helped. Good shit to Bevon, it’s nice to see the owner of an establishment take such an active role in the community. I will definitely be showing my support to this venue at all future events. It’d be fantastic if we could actively session at this place or even hold our ranbats here. I really enjoy the environment, it actually feels like a gaming lounge where I can just nerd the fuck out and enjoy myself. And there was like what… 10 setups? Way too good.

Sucks I couldn’t come through with the W this time again, but I’m only getting stronger.

The community is STRONG in SOVA now. I felt that for the first time in SF4 history. It felt like the old days when the MAJORITY of people wanted to level up and competition was fierce. I feel that now again, maybe not to the fullest extent, but SOVA has fire again.

Shoutouts:(New Players)

CJAkuna: Nice Viper man. Keep at it. Hope to see you around at these gatherings. Was really surprised to see a new player with talent coming right into my 1st round match.
Kangarou: Was it you I played second round? I never got your handle. Nice meeting you either way.
Sully: You popped your tournament cherry, now it’s time to DO WORK! Hit the lab, and learn from team NORFOLK.
Fireflyz: Nice meeting you dude. I can tell you’re hungry. I know I’ll see you up and coming at future tournaments. Hit me up if you ever need help with Akuma.
Steve: Wow, it’s been a while sir. I guess I see where you’ve been hiding lol. Not even sure if you’re on these boards, but whateva! Good shit on that combo to finish off blackula, that match had be SO HYPE.

Additional Shouts:

Ryry: Good shit man. I’m not too understanding of the deeper aspects of RUvRY, but it seems I wasn’t able to out-guess you this time. Looking forward to the next one.
10x and Jaime (AKA team Norbeach, AKA team VAFUCK, AKA team NICE): You guys are the greatest. Tough break Jaime, but you needed it to go down like that. I see how hungry you are now, and I fear for whoever runs into your BA in the next tournament. Aaron, I felt you had me in this one, but I think you got fatigued and started falling for stuff later in our set that you weren’t falling for initially. I’m sure you already know your mistakes. You and Jaime should come to the beach for a training session sometime this week. Oh, and bring that SET CRACK.
Nelson: You’re getting consistent with these top 5 placings sir. Good shit!
Russian chick at the desk video skyping: Good shit
Vince Jr.: Keep it real.
Team FNG: Da fuck happened to you guys? I was expecting big things!

Can’t wait for the next one.

I got the taste of top 8. I’m hungry for top 4 now.

Well, you were my first match, but I got a first RD bye, I think, so yeah, I was your second round. I realized my Rose still needs some work, so I switched back to my main for the rest (Viper) and did decent. I’ll add ya on XBL if you wanna go a few rounds.

My stick is not in good shape atm. I’m going to look at it tonight when I get home and see if I can bang it back into working order. In any case, add me and we can play later.

whos tryin to play

sry i couldnt make it out im pretty confindent dsinnie told u why

Cause you gay, that’s why.

i’ll get you next time, foomy! and yr little dog, too.

great tourney overall. nice venue nice number of setups. more players. that mouse needs to go though. good shit vince for running it and bevon for letting us use the space. good shit to placers. i left my bag there hopefully its still there, and thanks to the nice lady that tried to explain to me how to get to ihop thank you.

Great job Vince.

Venue was awesome, nice meeting the new guys.
Kangarou you were the rose guy? the one that played stick or pad? I am thinking you may be the pad guy… if so damn you know how to break throws.
blanka guy I played second round, forgot your handle great job on the mixups. your hop shenanigans was a mind fuck.
sully, pints don’t help your game but they sure make it a lot more fun.
I don’t know how many other new people I played.

all in all good night, glad to know tom brady is going to hell for pushing a handicap kid in a wheelchair away from a mortal kombat machine telling him to go play on the scrub machine.

muahahhaha i still call bs on that shit. shit is too funny to be real