Normal cancel combos

Im not much of a ken player. i use him every now and then but does he have any combos that doesnt link to his SA3? his to shoryuken and tatsu and most others you have to be unbelieveably close to work well which i dont like.

why would you want a combo that doesnt link to SA3? dont most people want to find the most ways possible to link into a super?

cause i dont want to rely on supers to much and i dont always have a gauge filled and i cant do a double kara shoryuken to save my life

For some characters you dont need to kara to hit them with a double shoryuken.

Q (do c.MK to LP srk for both of them) (it also works in the corner)

Corner: (almost anything works)
Ibuki (u have to use c.MK to LP srk though and the timing is harder)

BTW almost anything that cancels into SRK or any special can be canceled into super. If you dont want Kens super to be a big part of your game, then dont use Ken.

im not much of a ken user. More of a Ryu hence the name but that doesnt mean i want to use him to mix it up everynow and then. The best link/cancel combo i can get with him is with ex.tatsu but thats nearly enough for asuper. Just want to know a couple combos with ken that doesnt revolve around his super

MP -> HP xx LP SRK

is the best combo without super.

c.MK xx ex tatsu sucks. EX tatsu should only be used in air to air situations. And when you use it in the air make sure you hold the D-pad/stick towards your opponent.

c.MK xx LP srk x2 is also good but situational.

MP -> HP xx LP SRK x2 is good on the people double SRK without kara works on in the corner.

With Ken its going to be rare when you dont have a guage as he fills up meter quickly. When you have a super guage and you are punishing something on block I always suggest a super. It’s the easiest way to get in good damage when you know its basically free.

If they are far away and you can punish, none of those combos are going to work. But Kens super combos off of max range C.MK.

Up close S.HP xx MP srk xx super (cancel first hit of MP srk) is going to be the best punish. But if you dont have super. MP -> HP xx LP srk is going to be the best.

Trying to deal big damage without super with Ken is like trying to hammer a nail with the wooden handle of a hammer. You’re just being inefficient. Ex tatsu is rubbish as a combo. Just don’t waste your time with Ken if you’re going to avoid using sa3.

Super is a big part of Kens’ Game, If you’re not using it, You’re most probably losing every match you play.

If you can’t use supers, You can’t use Ken.

Daigo Jr. i pretty much never lose whoever i play. But then again ive never played anyone half decent at the game so meh. Its not that i cant use supers but more or less i wanted to know if there was any combos with ken that didnt include his super. Seeing how thats a no then its all good.


Well, Yeah… The only combos are supers and double shoryu’s… But you already said that you can’t and don’t want to do any of them.

I wasn’t trying to offend you in any way In my last post, But… I think It’s fact.

I know, huh? God Forbid we have people attacking when no one has any meter.

bleh i play for fun. i really dont care much for efficiency and whatnot. I like doing combos more then hitting everything into a super(SA3). i just get tired of looking at it.

go play dudley or ibuki or necro or something.
better yet, why not play with SD?

I regret typing all of that shit now

i like playing dudly and ibuki. whos SD? I dont have anything against ken. just wanted to know if there was a nonsuper combo. And the whole “I dont like to rely on super” i guess i could of worded that better lol =D

nah im glad you did. now i know you dont have to kara cancel to hit people with a double shoryu. Id prolly play more efficient if i can find someone who can beat me. Not including yall of cource

Play me on 2df. I’ll make you play more efficient.

lol kool. But theres alot of reasons why thats not possible at the moment. But im guessing you dont care enough to read all the reasons