Normal or Extended Plexi more comfortable?

Hey guys, I currently use a HRAP 3 SA but have ordered a Mad Catz TE because I really like the angled rest at the front of it (I have big hands and this seems to make it more comfortable).

My question is, does using either of arthong’s plexi’s detract from the angled rest. Does the plexi cut into your hands at all? I’m super keen on custom art but I’m even more keen on the stick being as comfortable as possible.

Appreciate any replies :slight_smile:

Bump because shipping alone is $50


Like, I might sound insane, but the elevated plexi-glass in this pic: ( looks kinda uncomfy?

TE doesn’t have an angled rest.
It is big and straight.

That small slope in front, wrist doesn’t go on it.

I don’t notice the plexi on mine. So it’s definitely not uncomfortable.

Ok just what I wanted to hear. Thanks muchly :slight_smile:

I have the full plexi from art for my TE, and I find it was waaaay more comfy than having the bezel on the stick. more flat space to rest your hands.

Either way you go, it’s worth the money. He does top notch work.

Well, I got my TE and I have to say, my wrist does rest on the angled front part. So much so that I am now more worried than ever about using a plexi ><

Your hands are that big?

get the full plexi. you wont regret.

jdm: I guess so :slight_smile:

hbreakz: Can you still use the front angled rest for your palm comfortably with the full plexi?

yes you can.

There is no angled rest. What are you high on? The TE is completely flat. The HRAP is angled.

That is what I said.

he means the bezel gives it a little elevation, and the curve where it rises is the “angle”. that’s where he’s resting his hands.

My hands are that big too and I don’t like having my hands rest on the angled part of the case, which makes me not really like TEs. I’m fairly sure he doesn’t mean the bezel, but the angled shape of the black plastic at the front of the case. If you have big enough hands, your palm ends up right there.

Well, if it means anything to you, the normal plexi with bezel doesn’t feel any different than a regular TE to me plus it looks great.

Yes exactly! I don’t understand how no-one else gets what I am talking about.
If you look at this pic:

I mean the angled part below the red bezel. It’s about an inch or so and is where I rest my wrist while playing.
My concern about the plexi was whether it has a sharpish edge and whether it adds much height to the artwork. If it juts out at all above the bezel then I imagine it would be quite uncomfortable for larger hands. Ie I wouldn’t be able to rest my wrist on the sloped front anymore.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Cheers gl0ry, thats what I want to hear. Do you use the front slope to rest your wrist one while playing though? If you just rest your entire wrist on the flat surface then I can see why it wouldn’t feel any different (and why half the people posting think I’m insane ;P)

if yourhands are too big wouldnt you want to get the regular plexi to avoid scratching your wrists? i like the looks of a TE stick with a bezel imo and feels the same