Normal strings or whatever

Hi guys. After playing with lots of newbies at kaillera i faced some player named GTR or smth. And there was one interesting thing about him. He used very nice strings of normal moves preventing most of common actions after blocking of the previous attack.

It was like(speaking of Ryu),cr.lp, f+mp,, st,hk. Something like that.

  • So f+mp did hit after blocked,cr.lp almost every time cause it’s difficult to make myself get up.

  • prevented all the movement after overhead

  • and hit me when i tried to jump out of the corner.

Question. What this purpose strings has Gouki and how to use them right?

Those chains are actually quite bad. A random super or hurricane after blocking any of those pokes would have saved you easily. But a good player shouldnt do random things. Here’s what someone like me would do…, cr.lp = ok. Now for a shoto, that little chain is a nice way of setting up a throw. So when you do that to a good player, they should be looking to interrupt you after the lp. So when he does f+mp, he leaves himself open for quite a few frames and will probably get hit or thrown out of it.

Lets assume f+mp connected. Then he goes for This is a decent ‘chain’ - but its the safest one - a player who knows that will probably go for some option parries.

Then the final HK - terrible. Suppose you were still grounded after the mk. You get a free combo (if you have good reactions) on his whiff HK. The fact that you tried to jump after eating the mk and he hit you out of it - perfect example of online play - he abused pokes that STOP YOU FROM JUMPING OUT. If you stayed grounded and played a simple ground game, you’d realise that his pokes are all risky.

That’s alll true, Naz. Online jumping out:) But what chains do U use? Or U think that there is no consistant chains and one should act on the situation?

‘Chains’ I use depend on the opponent, the character and obviously how we’ve adapted over the course of the game.

For example, most common poke I like to use is f+mp. First time I land this in a match I will either follow up with a kara throw, or or st.hp. Next time, I may wait for a fraction of a second, go low, or go for an SGGK throw. It all depends on what frame of mind the opponents defence has left me in.

But in general, I always try and think carefully before I press a button. Lets say I do cr.short jab short. If it gets blocked, I’ll probably stop at the jab and go for a kara throw instead of the last short which will serve no purpose other than a potential red parry punishment (which Ryan Hart has done to many Ken players).

My game starts off with me going for nothing but throws. Obviously during this time if you do something silly I will punish you for it. But if you play careful, you’ll see that I’m only trying to grab you. Once you try to stop me - THATS when I’ll use pokes. So there is not really a concept of strings - I’ll do what it takes to get in and get that throw. Then you’ll start thinking about how to counter throws as well as how to deal with the few pokes that I stick out - eventually I force the opponent into a mistake and land some combos.

The biggest problem with poke chains is that each character has pretty much the same sequence of pokes that constitute a ‘safe’ poke chain - therefore an experienced opponent will always have a good idea of what is coming next.