Normal Trial 4



Can I get some help with this one? More specifically, how does one 2 in 1 a flash kick into his super combo? Many thanks.


It’s a strange transition, since the Double normally requires a :df: command. Unlike Chun’s Kikoken to Senretsu this one alters the moveset…


charge down/back, up/forward + kick, then just spin the stick in circles and mash kick. I swear by this method. take advantage of sf4’s crazy lenient inputs :slight_smile:


this one is easy peacy lemon squeezy…

check out what ‘just another scrub’ posted.


yea, I accidentally ultra-ed by fat-fingering the roundhouse and 3kick button on my stick while trying a roundhouse flash. I would have thought it impossible to do guile’s ultra by mistake. Go figure.


i think Capcom did intentionally make Guile low tier by neutering him for some strange reason; they also did it with the guy on my Avatar…