Normal Venom avatar request

Ok, I guess my previous request was impossible, so if anyone can make me a Venom avatar, I would appreciate it.

Also, could you have it say Firetrainer60 on it please??:smiley:

how many requests are you going to make?

well, my previous ones had all these instuctions, and I figured nobody wanted to make them because it was either impossible or not what they wanted to do, so I decided to post a request that just asks for a regular Venom avatar with my name.

Hopefully, somebody has an awesome idea for a Venom avatar and makes one for me.:slight_smile:

i guess i’ll do it:rolleyes:

Seth, if you have other requests to do, I’ll take care of this one.

as-a-matter of fact i do, thanks:p

so, what does that mean now? You are gonna do it? Or am I gonna do it?

your going to do it, i got some requests to take at a different site

aight then.:cool:

here ya go man, I think I did this correctly.:smiley:

Dammit, this happened last time too.:frowning:

2 people made me an avatar that IU like, but I dont want to make anyone sad and/or pissed by using the other persons.

I think both youz guyzes avatars rock.