Normals/ block string style playing

So the guy i play with often offline in the recent months has become a huge normals & block strings advocate and i’m convinced so far. He kills my ass all the time, it’s really annoying. But i wonder if anyone has written about this stuff here on the board, or has some kind of guide around? I’m not sure if Akuma is the best normals spam character, but that’s what i’ve been using mostly and i’m curious what would happen to me if i pushed for a personal style change. Sakura is normals heavy i think, or am i way off, maybe learning this stuff would be easier with her?

Your friend is just abusing something people aren’t familiar with. You can’t develop a style based on block strings.

what pherai said. you don’t play a ‘block’ string style. you just add that to your game. sakura has some also.

That’s not all he uses, but from both elements gets tons of leverage, and occasionally does go a bit overboard.

I mean, we’ve all seen it, the whole footsie thing, and then once the distance between characters increases using a forward kick, which changes the block rhythm and baits a opponent to stop blocking. Of course, after you condition someone to block, then get up and throw them, etcetc. That’s just one example. The thing he does though the worst is zoning/neutralizing with Guiles sonic boom, and keeping a flash charged and otherwise using normals to advantages. An occasional cross up and a throw…Those mixups mess me up. He’s been playing the game longer than me, so he’s just in that learning stage where advantages and observations are coming by quickly. His understanding of the game has become more general, and he uses all kinds of characters all the time. The other element i’m talking about is discovering the properties of medium and weak kick/punch and getting advantages based on understanding them and using them alot, basically cause they cannot be punished and are so fast that they’re extremely safe.

Initially, and even now, I didn’t like that style of playing, which is always immediately characterized by footsies, which i’d call cheap, scrubby and play to win, nothing else. But if you can’t beat em i can’t see an other way around it, other than joining them to some extent.

This is of course, an extension of the whole pro-Zanfief play: do you ever see those guys’ using command throws? Of course not, only pokes and jabs.

I’m just wondering if there’s any writting on this here, and spending time in the Akuma forums, i did not come across anything like this, so i’m wondering if this strategy lends itself to other characters i think about using.

that’s the whole point of most fighting games and that’s why we play. the mind games. it’s not necessarily just learning combos and using them in a match.

how is that scrubby or cheap? get better.

akuma’s “blockstring” cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mp> whatever. mp, mp> whatever (more of a frame trap, but yeah…). usually fireball or something like that if they’re blocking. you can mix it up w/ cr. lk, cr. lp> throw or cr. lk, throw if their throw teching is weak. feel like they’re cr. tech OSing you then cr. lk, cr. lp, slight pause, lp dp>FADC>whatever. etc. etc. etc.

Well, yeah, i agree completely. I’m more open to it now, since it clearly is part of getting better. No doubt about it. As for getting better… well, i’m trying, though i didn’t think it’d be this difficult. Of course, i’m hardly complaining, and this all justifies my affinity to the game, namely the depth to it. Nothing better than good gameplay. SF4 has been something i’ve been working on for a few months only, but i never knew it would be such a slow learning curve.

Yeah, that’s the know-how i’m looking for. Where does one find more elaboration/explanation on that? Or is it just assumed common knowledge? The extend of my playing in this department is spamming the lk and hope either somethign good happens, or i push away the opponent. Pretty funny, huh?

I’d have to agree completely and point out that I was misled initially. I thought completing challenge mode and having Bnb combos would solve my life, but it’s pretty clear i need to be doing more than that. I really should figure out how to rec a game so i can have people point out what i need to start changing. Is there any guide on doing that for PSN anywhere?

what’s OSing?

Option selecting, here’s a tutorial of it. [media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k"[/media] Also, check out the other tutorials he has on his page, it will help you out alot with the basics :slight_smile:

Ah yes, i watched his tutorials on Akuma, but he does have more (including an epic FF Tactics playthrough… O_o). But yeah, i didn’t know he had Options Select review. Thanks.

well, it is. remember your fighting another human 1 vs 1 not an AI. compared to an action game, once you figure out an AI’s pattern that’s all you need to do and you can beat it. harder modes just add more health and sometimes more attack which you just relearn, but you already have their pattern down, that’s basically it. a human will change, adapt, etc. that’s just how fighting games are.

for people who’s been playing SF for a long time it’s sorta common knowledge. tick throws and stuff like that. a lot of hit confirms are also used for “block strings.” ex. akuma’s cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mp, lk tatsu, hp dp. only difference is the enders cause a fireball is safer when your opponent has blocked the attack than the lk tatsu, hp dp finish. whiff a lk tatsu and you get comboed. that’s the reason for hitconfirming in the first place so you won’t go into a tatsu and get smack.

you have to buy an equipment to record or just record it w/ a camera. OS is option select. look it up here on the forums for an explanation.

The only thing i suggest is copying or more so using the tactics someone else is using. Once you start using them, as long as you don’t think of anything as being cheap you’ll quickly find out their counters by seeing other people beat the same tactics. Also you’ll understand those tactics better by trying to implement them in your game and most likely figure out new things which will bring you closer and closer to how the pros play. It’s only when you start calling things cheap that you won’t understand what other players are doing because you’re trying to avoid that play or condone it altogether, Basically you’re being ignorant to an entire strategy.

Sakura is not normal heavy, she has decent normals but they come out slower than characters like Ryu, guile, her S.HK is awesome though. On top of that she has less health and what not. She’s more of a close-range character since she’s high damage but low health/stun and has decent specials to mix-up with.

TBH Sakura has a weak Reversal game, it’s entirely possible that many strategies work against her, even if a character isn’t meant for it. Especially if the other player is more skilled than the sakura player. She is low tier for a reason.