Normals with big recovery

A lot of normals are very interresting because they have a great range and priority, but they have a big recovery, some unsafe on hit.

How to use them effectively and prudently in the ground to poke and stay safe ?

2HP, 2HK, HK, HP, 2MP mainly…


I always had problems with that.

I think the main thing to say is to use pokes that you know beat out your opponenets pokes at that range or using them at max range so it limits reversals.

Use them sparingly at their most effective ranges. Due to the range you are put at the most worrisome thing is having a poke focused and getting crumpled. Learning to punish focus is important.


st.hp is actually incredibly safe because it doesn’t normally hit on the first active frame.

I like to use, then either cr.hp or after to catch people trying to hit buttons. is not a poke. It is used for AA and combos and sometimes frame traps. But there is no real way to poke with it, the range is terrible. It’s decent after a blocked or electricity though. is like any other sweep. It’s best for whiff punishing, option selecting, and combos(fa lvl 2 backdash, hop, sweep is good). Certain characters like Fei can punish sweep whenever they block it, so you don’t want to use it in footsies, but the characters who can’t, you can use it as a poke more often.

I’m using hk a lot more lately, it’s awesome to stop almost any long range attack in the game. Very effective against Guy. Can anti-air obviously but also not so obviously such as a crossup rainbow roll. It’s also good as a punish. Beware the recovery time if your opponent has a quick long range move.

Standing hp is Blanka’s more powerful normal. Good against a lot of jumpins including Yun dives. Also good to beat any low pokes or whiffed pokes at max distance. Good to punish things when you don’t have charge for roll or range for electricity like Cammy’s cannon spike.

OK thanx, but why so much recovery in the crouch HP ? We need a crouch HP like in CvS2 ! More active frames, and less recovery, this is the one that causes me most problems, i’m too greedy with him.

Crouch hp has the most range of anything but his slide. So it can punish things from a distance like a blocked fireball. It’s also a good anti air from a distance. Can be used as a poke from max distance. You don’t want to do it close because of the long recovery or if your opponent is focus attacking a lot.

I know certain supers with a fast start up can punish these normals, like chun-li or ryu, even on hit… there are many situations like that ?

Crouch HP can be punished on hit by : Ryu (Super), Chun-li (Super), on block (max range) by : super (Ryu), Chun-li (Super), Ibuki (U2), Dudley (U1), Seth (Super), Cammy (Super), Dictator (Super)…

I search all cases.