Norris Diy (sold)


Okay i picked up one of the excellent Norris diy cases back when they first appeared (i think mine was from like the second or third batch).

I intended to use the stick to replace my wobbly finkle case but between now and then i have started making cases myself so i figure their must be someone out there who wants her. She really is beautifull, flawless in every way, no wobble, seamless joints but then thats not suprising as this is tmo we are talking about.

Case is initially offered as a swap, ideally i would like an unmodded 360 TE (dont mind if you have popped the hood but no modding and must be working!) and im willing to put some cash or other items on the table (jlf/ls-32, buttons etc) as well as my diy for that as obviously a TE is worth more than a diy.

Feel free to make swap offers offers that include cash both ways eg your item plus cash from me if its worth more than the diy (eg TE) or your item plus cash for the case (eg something worth less like a game etc).

I would rarther deal with someone else in the uk but i am prepaired to deal internationally but you will have to remember its probably going to cost me a lot to ship the box internationally as our postal service over here is very expensive so you will have to factor that into your offers if you are from outside the uk, eg no point offering me stuff thats worth less than the shipping will cost me to send the case to you.


im interested


also interested


Guys when you say you are interested you kinda need to give me an idea of what you have that you are looking to swap?


i might have an extra TE coming within a week or so


I’ll trade you for a kidney.


Shoot me a PM with a price.


Hi ihpsta, its not for sale yet, first i would like to see if anyone out there wants to do a part exchange on a 360 TE or a swap/part exchange on something else. That said if no swap comes to fruition ill post up a price soon so watch this space.



Want to be first on list if the case is for sale!


Im in the same boat when you post the price pm it asap


I’m interested in buying the case as well. Thanks.


I’m interested in purchasing too!


i got a 360TE to trade…seems like i cant send PMs yet…pm me with your email please. thanks