North Bay SSF4 Tourney w/ IPW and **Sponsored by Mad Catz** 6/13 Top 3 each gets a TE

North Bay (Starbase/Santa Rosa) will be hosting a tournament in San Rafael. I will be regularly updating this post with prize information and collecting pre registration from North Bay’s participants so that everyone will know how much will be in the pot from just the North Bay players before they cross the bridge and come to our tourney. Hope you all can make it!

Super Street Fighter 4
Anyone interested in playing some HDR as well, please post up!

Pinky’s Pizza in the Montecito Plaza
345 3rd St
San Rafael, CA 94901

Tournament will be held Sunday June 13th, 2010. Signups start at 11:30am. Tournament will start at 1:30pm.

Tournament Format:
Singles double elimination tournament. Best 2 out of 3 matches. Each match will be best out of 3 rounds. Grand finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches.

Entry Fee:
$13 to enter the tournament. $10 will be applied towards the prize pool and $3 will cover the cost of the venue.

The Prizes
The prize pot will be awarded to the top 3 placers at 70% (1st), 20% (2nd), and 10% (3rd). This post will be updated as I get more info on preregistration from the North Bay players and other stuff ;-).

Current prize amount preregistered: $130

UPDATE: Top 3 placers will each be awarded a Mad Catz Tournament Edition “S” FightStick courtesy of MarkMan and Mad Catz. We will also be raffling off a Tournament Edition “S” Fightstick to 1 random lucky entrant. (Top 3 placers do not qualify for raffle).

Ultras can be changed your opponent loses and chooses to change characters. Characters can only be changed if you lose.

Setups are currently all XBox 360 based. Information on setups pending as we get more. Right now, we have 5 setups. 5 XBox 360’s, 3 CRTs and 2 Asus VH236H monitors.

Pending internet test results, stream will be hosted by

Will be there!

Hell yes.

Looks like this hobbit will be making the trip for sure

Good shit, my friend.

I’ll see if I can make it.

No HDR love? haha

I don’t have enough time and setups :’( Unless you don’t mind volunteering to run it.

Fuck it… I can run it if there is interest.

Can bring X360 and the 26" Asus. We’ve done Fuddrucker’s on it last time.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind editing the first post…
Anyone interested in playing some HDR as well, please post up.

definately will be there…use to go to pinkys pizza during my lunch break when i went to San Rafael High to play Tekken 3…woot woot…bringing it back…and i want my rematch with Doug haha…

Hopefully I can make this. Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Updated with some preregistration info.

Im makin it 4 sho.

Hmmm…Pizza, Beer and Street Fighter? Yeah. I’m so there.


Sounds super awesome like tomato ichiban
I really wish I could make it

I hope I’m not busy that day.

North Bay SSF4 Tournament w/ IPW Stream 6/13/2010

I’m in. That is if I don’t have to work. This is going to be sweet!

im in too…good playing with you jorge

I will be making it out here, Lets try and get more heads to come!

Thanks to the support of MarkMan, this tournament is now officially sponsored by Mad Catz. There’s a tiny little update in the first post about prizes =). See you all there.

North bay street fighter scene is the real deal and Big ups to Markman for pulling through!