North Bay SSF4 Tourney w/ IPW and **Sponsored by Mad Catz** 6/13 Top 3 each gets a TE

See you guys there :]

gonnna be AAAAAmazingggg :wgrin:

I get off work at 1pm so I should be able to make it although I’ll be probably about an hour late. Anyway I can have my name down and I’ll pay when I get there?

I’ll talk to you about it on Facebook or something but I don’t see it being a problem.

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Hey Don…I have to work around 5:00 5:30 or so… never been to a tourney. Do you think it’d be over by then!? BC if so…I’m in for sure

I can’t make any promises but I was aiming to finish around that time.

Any interest in me bringing a ps3 and 2 t.e.'s ?

If you could provide a setup with a screen that would be stellar.

I got a vizio 32" hdtv also. Does that buy my free newb ass a free entry?

Lol I’m running the bitch and even I don’t get free entry. As far as screens and setups go, I need screens with either none or very little input lag (ex: most old school CRTs, Asus vh236h or vh242h). If you don’t have either of those, don’t worry about it. Anyone willing to bring a setup is welcome to, but consider it a voluntary gesture and not something I can give you your entry fee for.

right on. so don’t bother with system and sticks if i don’t got the screen required? i was only playin on the entry fee, i realize its not free to put this together and i am grateful for the time, energy, and probably the $ invested in getting stuff like this goin’ from every1 involved. if some1 has a screen to bring let me know and i’ll come thru with the rest.

Yeah for sure and thanks for the offer. I SHOULD have enough as it is but if I have a screen and need your system I’ll let you know. See you Sunday!

How many setups will there be?

Gonna have 6. That’s enough, but I didn’t want to use the setup in our Sanwa Cab if possible. It’s all good either way.

:lol: dang this sounds really good but I doubt I’ll be able to make it.:sad:

This tourny had made it big as eventhubs has a link to here .

I can bring an asus 26" and an xbox360 if it will help. Hollah back.

Ill try and Make it Ill swing by with my bro and a few heads. Can we pay there yes?

Yes you may sir.

hell ya 360 set ups