North Ca Console Tournament Results!


The Bad News First - my tape recorded NOTHING…so all who was anxious to see some footage (mostly me) will be disappointed

The Good News - We had a wonderful turn-out at Yushiro’s house…(thanks again for hosting it Yushiro!):smiley:

Folks came from all over to pull out all they had…Thanks to all the people that came out - 707, 916, Davis, Castro Valley, and much more!

Here are the results for CVS2. (NOTE: this was not a sanctioned APEX tournament…these would have been the rankings and points awarded if it was)

1st - Brandon Chaney [Dr.B] +2100 pts
2nd - Anthony Phillip [Senor Payaso] +1050 pts
3rd - Larry Smith [Lar-ry$] +700 pts
4th - Gerard Camerino +525 pts
5th - Michael Rasphone +420 pts
5th - D-Side +420 pts
7th - Dan Thompson +300 pts
7th - James Camerino +300 pts
9th - Jhamarr Jayme [iMPULSZE] +233 pts
9th - Ray DelaCruz +233 pts
9th - Kris Patterson +233 pts
9th - Michael Celentano +233 pts

UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!:smiley:


Damn I didnt know this was put up till today…lol