North Carolina Players LXII

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Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Thursdays


Brian (Tactiks) hosts Ranbats on Wednesdays - [Oct 5, 2011] ReSe Wednesday Night Bar Fights (Charlotte, NC)


Erik (Old Man Doom) hosts on Wednesdays and Fridays


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays
Sal (Smokin Jo) hosts on Thursdays


Jason (EmoPrinny) hosts on Sundays


Demo (Orochi_Negro) hosts on Wednesdays



Brian (Tactiks) hosts on October 15, 2011 - [Oct 15, 2011] Charlotte, NC, Rock’em Sock’em (ReSe) (Charlotte, NC)


Ed (Saisyu Kusanagi) hosts at Gamefrog - Date TBD


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on November 19, 2011 - [Aug 20, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Joey (Captain Joe) hosts on October 22, 2011 - [Oct 22, 2011] Raleigh, NC, Raleigh Rage Quit I (Raleigh, NC)


Alex (Roski) doesn’t host, because he’s an old man and ain’t got time for this shit.


Sensei Rouzu (Sensei Rouzu) hosts on October 21, 2011 - [Oct 21, 2011] Sprague Recreation Fight Fest (Winston-Salem, NC)

Monday Sessions in Wilmington are still going on.

As usual i’ll be at every one of these supporting you.

Sounds like an absolutely amazing idea and I like that you pride yourself in lagless HD setups. Plus it’s fun to talk tech with you, the vga converters are definitely the best. I’ll help bring my stuff to these things to help out so all should be good.

Way late on this but GG’s to everyone at Elite Zone, had a ton of fun. Did better than usual but still don’t see my name in the results thread, got more work to do :slight_smile:

Hero of Time don’t forget to hit me up on XBL!

kevin(lamb) doesnt host in greensboro anymore so you can remove that.

You forgot our Charlotte Ranbats (hosted by Tactiks on Wednesdays) and our Charlotte sessions at UNCC (various Weekend days Fri-Sun hosted by Darklight).

And you posted a link to an EZ tournament from two months ago despite the new thread being up still.

Do threads have some type of post limit around 1000 or do we just make new threads for organizational purposes?

I dunno man, results say otherwise, even vs good players. His air dash j.H mixed up with staggered lows is really hard to block and sometimes it just randomly crosses up. If they run I can do missiles > devil trigger, then teleport right before / after they hit into hammer, combos anywhere on screen no matter where they are. Air raid in devil trigger also does a shitload of block damage. Like raid > raid > flight > raid x6 or so kills most characters in XF3. Air throw > Guns does about half life. Wesker and Akuma obviously are really great anchors but I think Dante is somewhere near them. Also in ultimate he’ll be able to do Air throw > Guns > Aerial X factor into a combo so that’ll be pretty nice. I never do it but he also has an x factor infinite that’s pretty good vs phoenix (jam session x infinity).

Air Raid is the flight mode, you’re thinking of Thunderbolt. Another reason Jon is the worst Dante ever, he can’t even get the move names right.

Matt brought up a few good points, honestly. Dante’s mixup, even with XF3 speed up, is still not that good. Yeah, if the other guy just sits still, you can randomly cross up by airdashing over their head, but someone who is actively running from XF3 Dante doesn’t really have to worry about it. And yes, random teleports against good players will get you killed, seeing as you can be airthrown before you get a chance to bust out The Hammer.

Does he work as an anchor? Sure, XF ensures that as long as your character isn’t an immobile piece of crap, they can anchor. But saying Dante is near to Wesker and Akuma? No way. XF3 Wesker will pee on Dante. XF3 Akuma with meter will absolutely blow you and your whole team up.

As far as results saying otherwise, how many anchor Dantes have you seen at majors getting good results? You always put a lot of stock in your own results, Jon. Just because Dante works in anchor spot for your team doesn’t change the fact that Dante is best in either point or second. It’s kinda like saying Magneto is a good anchor. He can definitely anchor, but with how stupid he is on point, why would you ever play him as anchor?

Atlantic South likes to keep things organized by having 1000 post limits on threads. This works fine when you have individual communities organizing, but gets blown up constantly when you have an entire state in one thread. When the idea was put on the table of splitting the thread into regions, even east and west, it was shot down quickly.

For comparison’s sake, when NC was in Atlantic North under different rules, we had around 10 threads. We’re up to thread 62 now since we moved a few years back.

You don’t see people in majors using Dante as Anchor because everyone’s team is a Wolverine / Phoenix / Wesker team variant. I don’t know of many competent Dante players at all actually. I think he’s a flexible enough character that he can fill any slot with ease. X factor Akuma being better than x factor dante is mainly because of the chip. If you save x factor then akuma isn’t scary at all in XF3. Wesker is undoubtedly the best anchor for XF3 IMO tho, but I really think you should try Dante as anchor before you knock it, he’s got a lot going for him.

I haven’t masturbated to Dante’s movelist enough yet to know all the names, my bad.


@Jos: T6, FT5, best out of 5 rounds, Xbox 360 system, single character choice by either opponent, settings (handicap, damage, etc.) default, stage select random. Those rules work for you?

@Corner-Trap: 3SOE, FT5, best out of three rounds, Xbox 360 system, single character choice by either opponent, settings (handicap, damage, etc.) default, stage select doesn’t matter. Those rules work for you?

As for MvC3, AE, and BB, I’m not money matching in MvC3 until after Ultimate so it will be between AE and/or BB. Jos, you play BB and AE but as far as I know Will you only play AE. May just choose AE and MM both of you in that or MM Jos in BB and Will in AE. More than likely will be AE for both if I MM in either game.

I am.

@Brian: What is it you need for the Gears 3 setup?

Very interested.

Dude, Air Raid has been in since like, DMC1. You’re just not on my level.

If you save XF, none of Dante’s chip is scary either, so that negates a big part of your argument for Dante as anchor. Akuma as anchor is less chip and more just blowing up assists + point with air beams and flying all over the place with Tatsu into super easy death combos. Akuma can also kill off of a throw in XF3, something Dante can’t boast.

Your point about majors basically proves my point. If you were to ask me what the results “say”, my response would be this: the results say that everyone in majors with Dante on their team either has him first or second, often second to take advantage of DHC glitch, and XF3 Wesker and Akuma body people…even against good players. =)

Dante may have a lot going for him as an anchor, but he has way more going for him in other spots. You miss out on killing people without XF or DHC glitch, you miss out on building 3 meters in almost every combo, you miss out on having pretty much the best DHC glitch ender in the game, you miss out on having a nearly unpunishable DHC ender for when you absolutely have to get your point character out, etc etc etc. I mean, your point character has some of the sickest combo DHC options with Dante in 2nd spot, to the point where it could be considered best friends level. Again, Dante on anchor works for your team and your playstyle, so it’s whatever. But just because that instance works for you doesn’t mean that Dante in anchor is the best strategic decision ever.

Try and make the decision as fast as you can, if needs to be set in stone by this weekend what I’ll be MM you in. Those T6 rules sound good, agreed. FT5 , beset of 5 for $50.

EDIT: Ryu thanks for the info

PR Rog (2nd at Evo is competent, yes?), Andre, Flash, NerdJosh, IFCYipes, and that’s just on the east coast. NONE of them play him as an anchor; hell, you’re the only person I know of that does it. That’s not to say it’s bad, and if it works for you then roll with it. There’s only really a few successful Wolverine players at this point (Justin/Noel).

And no, XF3 Akuma is better than XF3 Dante for way more reasons than the chip. He kills you off of every air throw. If you eat 1 tatsu, you’re dead. For that matter, XF3 tatsu is one of the stupidest moves ever. He has an overhead that kills you on hit. He’s a fucking monster.

EDIT: Don’t forget that Dante is one of the few characters who can both start and finish the DHC Glitch. Dante/Wolverine is starting to pop up everywhere for easy kills by glitching into Berserker Charge. That said, I think Jon should experiment with the order of Dante/Zero/anchor (Dorm works fine here, or someone else with a better mixup assist…like, someone with a spinning electric kicky move) to maximize the potential of the character.

Jon is just really good with Dante which is why it works and which is why having Dante as anchor is a good choice for him. You play Zero, Dorm, and Dante right?
I remember back in the original SF4 days certain people said Cammy was not very good because she lost to downback. She didn’t have an overhead and it wasn’t that big of a deal if she threw you. Turns out despite this people don’t like being grabbed and players like Sako would just mind game you death with TK cannon strikes or walk up DP thus breaking your guard.

What I’m saying is Jon just has what it takes to make Dante work. Could he do better with another character or put dante in another slot, yes, and that might actually work well, but then he’s not playing the team he wants. All 3 of you agree that Wesker and Akuma are better as anchors.

Heck I wouldn’t be playing Viewtiful Joe, or this game even, if I wasn’t winning with him.

yo corner, probably gonna head to EZ this friday. Got nothing else to do. For some reason I’ve been practicing CS2 so I need to actually play somebody so I have an idea of what I’m doing lol.

Edit: ok, Hazama question for anyone who can answer it. So which direction should I press to get 5C(1 hit)>6C to come out if I’m dashing under a character like say after a zaneiga

By the by

Raleigh Rage Quit is on!