North Carolina Players LXII

Wow that name soooo legit!!!

YEAHHHHH BOIIIII CATHERINE TOURNAMENT WE IN THERE. also heres the link to the NorCal Catherine rules if you guys wanna check it out.
EDIT: IMO I think we should use the NorCal ruleset through since they have been playing competitive Catherine longer then us.

Yea I forgot to look around for some rules, but the ones we had were close. I gave them to the guy who will run that particular tournament,I’ll see what he says about it.

I updated the post. I just copy/pasted Jibbo’s first post from the previous thread. Why didn’t he update? Lazy bastard. Also, is there a trick to get it to show the thread title instead of the link? I know a very default way to do it (just share a link and type in/copypaste what I want it to say) but I didn’t know if there was a code command or something that people were using.

Also, I think the argument about Dante anchor is his use as an anchor versus the rest of the cast (Matt/Blake) and then his use as an anchor (Jon). I mean, he has tools and he can accomplish what he wants. But there are other characters who are better at it. I think there is a difference between ideal (top tier), practical (high tier), plausible (mid to low tier), and shitty (SupremeDNA tier). Ideal being the likes of Wesker and Akuma, practical being Dante, plausible being some mid tier-ish character that can technically perform in the hands of the right player like Doom or something (maybe a bad example, just looking for a non-top character that ISN’T total shit), and then just terribly shitty anchors like Haggar who are so sad and cannot reasonably win against a lot of the cast solo. I think this a case of Jon seeing Dante as practical, but believing Matt/Blake see him as plausible; and Matt/Blake seeing him as practical, while believing Jon sees him as ideal. Or in simpler terms, both sides overestimating each other’s arguments/viewpoints.

I hope that made any sense at all. Cause I slept like ass the past two nights and have gotten minimal sleep, and it’s way past my bedtime. At the moment though, this post looks pretty good.


Jon thinks Dante is a high tier anchor, but thinks Matt/Blake believe he is a mid-to-low tier anchor. Matt/Blake think Dante is a high tier anchor, but think Jon believes he is a top tier anchor. My thoughts. Discuss. Or whatever. Bedtime.

This shit aint fucking smash brothers, most random stage is the Underground cemetary because the drop rate on Xfactor is so goddamn high, combined with how hard it is to block it off.

Inquisition is a very short stage that is all about mindgames and killing the other guy first, it is actually completely balanced and there is no advantage to either player and it is not really random at all.

Prison of despair is a speed run stage its kinda obnoxious because if you fall behind one step you for the most part fucked but once both players know what they are doing and get past the first like 15-16 steps your in the clear and its actually a pretty good stage but you gotta know that shit in and out.

Emperio I can kinda understand because of the random blocks dicking you over is actually really stupid and if people want it banned that is cool by me. Only other stage I would think about banning is Underground Cemetery. Because well those are the 2 random stages everything else doesn’t fuck you over that much

edit: Thinking about it more they banned the 3 stages that force conflict the rest of the stages you can if both players arn’t aggressive, you can play your little happy princess build a tower in the corner and not mind the other player, all 3 of those stages are forced death fights, and force you to use the same block area.

edit 2: This is what me and Beau who is running it discussed :S, also we believe we should run first to 3 unless we get a staggeringly large number of people entering.

All of this doesn’t really matter anymore because Cap/Vergil/Doom is going to be your new God Tier team.




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Also Sal (Smokin Jo) hosts sessions on Thursday in Fayetteville.

Honestly, I hate Inquisition. I think its a very dumb map that takes no block strategy or block building at all and people are just gonna try to knock you off or sit on you from the start. I don’t really have a problem with Prison so im not sure why that was soft-banned. Yeah Emperio is pretty random.
I think first to 3 is aight, since Catherine gameplay isn’t really random, its just some maps are whack and power ups can be lame but there are ways to counter them.

Prison is banned because of the forced fight at the center crumble block I’m almost sure of it there is a way around it, but it is slower a bit weird and you only have to do it if your slower the other player, note slower is like by 1/2 a second up to this point :S.

Whaatt that is like most of versus mode right there, and you can’t really sit on someone on that stage at all unless they got a black block and even throwing down a black block on that stage results in them jumping on it first like 80-90% of the time. Also we get to the top of that stage like 2nd-3rd most out of all the stages push everything down lol.

The more I play the more I think black block might actually be the best powerup sure Xfactor is good and all especially on the first stage where you really can’t guard it that well :/, but it is really guardable on other stages, when black block if placed at the right time in the right place can be a game winner.

What are you thinking of for the first stage we first said Inquistion because its pretty solid fundamentals of versus mode and is a quick stage.

Zero to Dante really isn’t that much damage over just putting Dorm second and killing them with the ball super, which usually remains for an unblockable setup with Dorm. So I end up spending less meter (since Zero to Dante usually costs 3 meters to kill non paper characters) and I get a free combo AND I get Dorm / Dante which is the most godlike combo ever. Team could work both ways but I dislike playing Dorm without an assist and I don’t mind Dante by himself, so I guess it’s just a “works for me” thing. The screen cover and push back of Jam session is really just like… exactly what Dorm wants.

But yeah, it’s not that big of a deal lol, I didn’t mean to turn it into an argument. I don’t think Akuma is that scary as an anchor… he still has to get in to use his overhead and tatsu’s are punishable. Most akuma’s just jump around getting anti aired. Long as you don’t call assists and you try to stay above him to wait it out (or get right below him when he jumps), he’s really not so scary. Dude has tyrannosaurus arms for reach.

NC’s first official Catherine tourney! I’m there. :tup:

I need everything. I won’t have a system you can use for it, only for FG’s. If you want to do Gears then you will need to provide the setups for it. I don’t want to take away from the FG’s.

I have no problem with the fighters obviously.

Yeah I know sitting and knocking down is what alot of VS is about, but you don’t even have to BUILD or CLIMB on that map lol, unlike all of the other maps where you actually have to build to a certain point then you have a choice to sit on or knock the other guy down or you can just cut your opponents path off and go for the goal. I feel like on Inquisition the only choice you really have is staying on your opponent and trying to knock him off.

You guys probably have played VS more then I have tho(I’ve only played VS like 10 times, 5 times on Inquisition>.>.) so you guys might be seeing something im not but im willing to give Inquisition a couple more shots. Its alot better then having to pick random with your eyes closed or flipping a coin on who picks first.

Meh, I have mixed feelings about power ups since smart players will try to steal those power ups, especially x-factor lol.

Sitting on someone without black block is really really dangerous( or being 2 blocks above them because your blocking Xfactor climbs), because you can push their block from under them killing them. Before you say they can drop off before you body them, there is alot of baiting that goes on and dropping on someone is a risky move.

I think it is because as we go farther on alot of the stages because sudden death. My favorite personally is the spiral cooridor where both players perform the dance of death it is probably the most violent stage where you never punch each other.

If people are actually serious about this game we can put up a quick video tutorial on how the combat works in this game, there are a bunch of oddities and really really cool stuff you can do.

Catherine? Who gives a fuck? Play fighting games lol

You forget that NC players don’t play games that they can’t win in anymore.

Have you played Catherine more punching the other player then SSFIVAE2012 will ever have.

So then, no. In more words. And ill add Sal this evening.

A small note for those who havent seen the RRQ page

We do have a venue fee, it’s $2 (come on that is still pretty much free)

We also need some tv’s and systems, this is from the tourney thread

Currently we have 4 working TVs with an Xbox attached to them, but none of them have AE, 3SOE, or MvC3 saves and no DLC. We also only have one PS3 in the Den, also with no saves, that we plan to use for the Arcana tourney.

So we are offering to waive the venue fee for the people who can provide the following:
-2 people with a PS3 with 3SO
-3 people with a 360 or 360 hard drive with AE (at least one has to be a full system)
-We need TVs for the PS3s so if you are bringing a PS3 and also have a TV bring it on

Also Smurvis my name is Joey, don’t think anyone else but Shinso knows me so that should help others who show up.