North Carolina Players XXIV: What's in your SF4 syllabus?

Damn, time sho fly by fast… it’s time for a new thread in a new year! Everyone stay healthy aiiiiteee!!!

Can we bring the Honda is a crappy character discussion back?

The other thread is still open so go experience it there!

But this one is shinier. .

Good luck to everyone that is going to Sinsation. Rep for NC!

Yea…go NC…

I got $50 on NC!!! Good luck in VA.

I feel like entering the tier whore debate.

I just read a very interesting interview by VDO on the SRK homepage that talked a little about tiers and got me thinking. BTW VDO raped NC at a Fay tournament in the most unbalanced game evar using rogue. So even against those odds it can be done.

In sports if i called you a “bandwagon fan” it is seen as a very negative thing. That means you have no attachment to the team other than they are the best thing out and then next year you are a “X” fan. While in the real world being a bandwagon fan means nothing, but the hardcore sport fan looks down upon this.

I know fighting games are different and not as extreme but you get the point.

Imagine lobo not picking ryu in SF4 cause he is mid-low tier, people would be like ??? u feeling alright. But he rides for El Ryu.

I have mentioned before that I do think Tier whoring is a NEGATIVE with new and untested games that may falter after the initial hype is done. People will give up because outside of a competitive thrill , the game has no roots to hold it down. A game like SF4 no one will care about tier whoring cause its SF4. Same with 3s. But I feel if everyone gets on the Karas train then TVC will be done quick. Same thing happened with the last hot for a month or two games.

I have nothing against it (i could be said I do it sometimes) but it does have its drawbacks.

See any NC heads in Goldsboro tomorrow for my 5 hit badland loop extravaganza.
Fuck a Loop!

damn, is everyone going to either Goldsboro or Sinsation? I’m gonna be mighty lonely tomorrow in the Bull Shitty =(

Good luck with NC this weekend and see everyone at Goldsboro Tourney tomorrow.

Hey Peter, Yosuf is back in town. You gotta come over so we can hang out and smoke the hooka like the old days. Tell Joe. Call me on my cell when you get a chance.

Hi Blake, my names Joe.

Let’s be lonely together. (no homo)


oh god… :coffee:

Wish I could make it, but gotta work. Really hard to make anything anymore with this schedule. I’m probably going to have to retire from tournies with all the work I’m doing.

I’m just patiently waiting on SF4. This is gonna be the first game I try to actually compete in.

Also, after browsing the threads the past week, I see a lot of mentioning of Goldsboro, Raleigh, and Fayetteville. Everyone here who discusses it seems to know each other very well, and it’s like walking into a conversation where you have no idea what’s going on.

Basically, how often are there these tournaments in Goldsboro/Raleigh/Fayetteville? I’m in Greenville, so Goldsboro isn’t a terribly long drive if there’s frequently activity there, but Raleigh/Fayetteville would have to be something a bit bigger.

Just trying to see places where a lot of people are playing. Signed up YEARS ago and have maybe 20 posts, so I’m basically a SRK newbie. Trying to get into the fighting scene, been wanting to for as long as I can remember.

Most of the activity around here is in Raleigh or Fayetteville. There’s only like one other person in Goldsboro outside of myself and I’m car-less for the time being. If you’re waiting to get into the scene with SF4 then you couldn’t have picked a better time. We’re actually having a SF4 tourney along with other games ( ) and I’m running my own animu/doujin corner with games like MBAC, AH, EFZ, and Acceleration of Suguri X:sweat:

There’s also the Goldsboro Gaming Summit today also… :coffee:

tha fuck? new thread already…guess I wasn’t keepin count. And I see Pete got this one (again?), with yo lurkin ass :lol:

new av owns you all btw (wilford brimley/curly mustache/epilepsy/zeus hybrid)

Good luck to NC players at Sinsation. =D Represent.

Yezzirrrr! U coming to the next Lucky’s? Haven’t none of yo mofo for a while now…

I’m coming for sure, call you in a bit. Peace!

Welcome to my world.

If the Lucky’s tournament is on PS3, and a lot of tournaments are, where can I get a GOOD Arcade stick converter? I’m going to be using the Madcatz TE Stick for 360, and I’ve seen a lot of converters online, but I need to know a quality one.

Any recommendations? Anyone here have a 360 to PS3 arcade stick converter they’d swear by?