North Carolina Players XXV: So free, so ****ing free



Get it started.


What a dick. I see what you did.



Free Willy.


See, Blake dabbled and you guys dibbled, so he got the thread. Quite masturbatory.


Not cool man, Free Awesome GUY! He’s awesome…




Ha… btw i cant tell NC is gona be a force to reckon with in sf4…im callin it



BTW…Oh so free.



So who all is going to Final Round and where is everyone staying. As of right now, I think the list is:

Room 1 (Arriving Friday night):

Other Brian

Room 2:

Matt Frank

Room 3:


I know Roski, Lu, DP, Tom, Javier, and myself are definitely interested in going, but I have no idea where everyone is staying. What is the story with everyone/do we need to reserve another room?


Fixed. I could squeeze one more person in the room if necessary.


EDIT: :coffee:


Watchmen you fucks

IMAX! who’s down


I might end up crashing on your floor there Frank…


We’ve reserved two rooms since a few of us will be getting there earlier on Friday. We have two smoking rooms and they should be next to each other since we’re checking them in at the same time. At the moment it’s looking like…

Brian (not Face)

Phillip is probably going, Blaine may be going, and then if DP and Tom are the only ones from Fayetteville, I think they’ll be staying with us as well. Tony Majors versus High Life.


I’ll stay in the Blake room if I go probably.


I’ll definitely post if a spot opens up.


Fayetteville Room is looking like Me, DP, Kev, and Ecko. That’s right mutha fuckin’ ECKO


Hopefully, Tony’s been watching some vids on this matchup, as I remember it not going very well for him last year. Practice up!!!


No, fuck u Roski! We Winstoneers will decide our own fate! CvS fo life!


Pete you’re like the only Winstoneer other than Tony…me and my bro don’t count.

…but yes…CvS fo life…with cheese.


The tiers have changed since last year, according to the Japanese. Tony was able to develop his tolerance strategy over the past year to the point that now many believe the match to be 6-4 in Tony’s favor. High Life got comfortable with the fight and talked MAD SHIT, especially after C3: “I bodied Majors!” “He didn’t only lose, HE GOT LOST!” “I made Majors lose mad POCKETS!” etc. etc. See, all last year Tony was rushing that shit down, but I think he can sway the match in his favor if he continues to play as patient as he has been lately. Tony really upped his defense while High Life really hasn’t progressed at all.

Tony builds meter fast as hell and he HAS to use the level 3 when the opportunity presents itself. That mother fucker can roll cancel that shit all night, which makes it difficult for High Life to actually get any hits in. If he can turtle right, I’ve got my money on Tony for the time over win.