North Carolina Thread LIX

Alright, sadly, I cannot allow these sensational stretches of the truth and slandering of my name continue. Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to have to put my whole personal life on here and explain my actions.

I have been going through a lot of personal and potentially life threatening situations, one of which involves a damaged pituitary gland in my brain. Up until recently, I had no knowledge of this, and I had no knowledge of what could happen to individuals with compromised pituitary glands. The biggest effect of this issue is fluctuating hormone levels, primarily testosterone in males. I am currently undergoing an intense amount of HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) to stabilize my hormone levels. The average level of testosterone in males my age is between 600-700, two days prior to the tournament I was discovered to have a testosterone level of 193. My body was completely shutting down, or at least I felt that way. I was given a shot of an insane amount of Testosterone Cypionate directly into my blood stream, eventhough my doctor had warned me that this was probably not the best solution, as this will cause a massive spike in testosterone levels before leveling off. I was also told that I will no longer be able to have children, and that I will probably have to take these shots for the rest of my life. For a long time I had considered myself a leader in the Charlotte community, and I worked my ass off day in and day out for my community, hosting sesssions, recruiting new players, building team unity, and spending countless hours trying to become a better player myself. I had made a commitment to my team to appear at this tourney months prior, and eventhough I was in no condition to compete, I was there at least to coach and encourage my teammates. Mario “TCO” Smith did very well and I am proud of him:)

I apologize deeply for my actions that day and I have personally taken myself out of tournament competition indefinitely. I am always real with everyone that I deal with, and the fighting game scene is no exception, so I will even go a step further.

About my first match with Guerilla S.: I have never beaten a Steve or Law player in a set, and I was in no condition to do so on that day, so sadly I did indeed throw the entire fight, I did not go down 2-0 and then decide to do so, I threw it from the beginning. My defensive tactics do not work on those characters and Guerilla gave me a pretty good beating during casuals at Final Round that has stuck with me to this very day. My Zafina isn’t equipped to go toe to toe with his Steve or Steve in general, I knew it, so I just said f*ck it. It is a very despicable act indeed. I was there to coach, not to compete. Zafina vs. Steve or Law=Loss. My skill level isn’t high enough to offset the fact that Zafina starts out a severe disadvantage against those characters. Guerilla is a solid player, and on top of that he uses Steve, a character that I just cannot defeat, and then on top of that I had to face him in the first round. Is that what you wanted to hear? I am scared of GUERILLA S’s style of play and his STEVE. I can’t be any more honest than that. It takes serious balls to say that on a public forum full of males.

About my match against 7th Fonon and the whole fallout: By the time I reached 7th Fonon I was basically just done and he was a solid player. I spent most of my time in the losers bracket just joking around, I knew eventually I would run into someone that was not just there to have fun, and 7th Fonon just happened to be the guy. I was legitamately trying against him, and he was giving me a hard time, the match did not reach its conclusion. I honestly feel like I would have won this match, it was close and either one of us had the potential to win. I was indeed frustrated, my iron clad defense and patience had nearly failed me, I wasn’t punishing properly, and I had magically lost the ability to break routine throws, I was having trouble against someone that I was more than capable of defeating. This was perhaps the only match that I was legitimately trying to win.

I have fully explained my actions, and given you insight as to what was going on inside my head, and I have done so publicly, there is nothing more that I can say and nothing more that I can do. I am working hard to resolve my personal issues, If you wish to join Orochi_Negro in turning your back on me I understand. If you want to trash me on forums as some of you already have than that is fine. I think it is funny that some individuals try to be your best friend in front of your face, and then quickly jump on the forums and facebook as soon as you leave. If I have a problem with someone I address it with the individual face to face. I will live to fight another day, I will keep working hard every day, I will pray every single day, none of you have any idea what it is like to be me or what it is like to be in my shoes. Let me be the first to tell you that it sure as hell isn’t easy. I have to live with the fact that I may soon be in a wheelchair and unable to do much of anything if my treatment fails. I am going to assume that most of you have never been in that situation, so please understand that this is a very difficult time for me. I will indeed find out who my true friends are during this period, and I will also find out how many of you are actually assholes in disguise.

If you choose to turn your back on me that is fine, I expect most of you to do so because that is what people do nowadays. We live in a society that is quick to condemn and hate(Casey Anthony for example). I am just asking that you do not view the other Charlotte area players any differently, TCO and Irish Bear have worked very hard to get better, I have watched them grow and it is time for them to really shine. Please welcome them back to EZ and any other sessions in the RDU area.

That is THE TRUTH from the horses mouth
God Bless, pray for me, you can hate me now.


@Orochi_Negro: Mokujin is actually banned in tournament. Even though Mokujin has random move lists his hit box is completely different from whichever character he is copying and some of his stuff is actually invincible if I’m not mistaken. An example is his tail whip from Roger. His hitbox is different from Roger’s so even though he is doing Roger’s moves the game doesn’t recognize Mokujin as Roger so Mokujin can get away with stuff Roger can’t. People say Mokujin is a joke character, but in tournament level play Mokujin is no joke to play against if the player knows what he is doing.

@Small Wonder: I understand why you may be upset and I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but I’m not gonna pity you either. There are people who go through traumatic stuff everyday that I’ve seen, so for you to use that excuse for your actions is a spit in the face to them who I regard as heroes in my life. I read your post on Facebook and felt why you were angry. I see you at EZ and then after one match you just start throwing matches away because you don’t like playing Steve or Bruce players. Honestly at that point is where you lost respect from me, but I don’t like holding grudges towards people and wanted to see a different side of you. Instead you continued to come off like a sore loser who couldn’t accept the fact that maybe you’re not that good. I support Tekken and even though I haven’t really practiced anything in a while I joined the tournament to have fun with it, learn, and hopefully see it grow more after EZ. Go to a few hospitals, watch some people that hold your heart pass away and you’re still here to hold on to their memory, or sit with someone who instead of listening to everything the doctor said they couldn’t do was focusing on what they could. For you to dare disrespect all those people who get up every day and fight against the “impossible” is even lower than what you did at EZ. Instead of trying to make excuses just say you’re sorry for your actions, learn from your mistakes, and move on from there. I had some stuff going on while I was at the tournament, but instead of making a big scene out of everything I used the tournament to block out as much as I could and just kept myself in check overall.

Health concerns are a very serious issue and are not to be taken lightly. I cannot imagine the difficult times you must be going through. I could understand the idea of using a game to take you away from the troubles of real life. I myself have done this and I’m sure most of us have at one time or another have. However there are certain behaviors that adults should not do in public places regardless of what is going on in their personal lives. Even still I wish you good health and the best in life. God bless.

No. You don’t get to apologize and then condemn the people you’re apologizing to for being myopic and uncaring. This is shifting the ball into the hands of the people you affected and tbh, I don’t think this is quite fair. You need to hear what how you did affected the people involved before you go there.

No. These aren’t things that magically go away. Having the resolve to hold on to your skills under duress is part of what makes a great player. You lost because you and Rob both brought what you had to the table and you had less. If you can’t recognize this, it’ll probably just happen again.

Come on Wilmington, I know yall are trying to beat that gas money out of Roski(not literally, but figuratively.)

“If you ain’t hype, then you ain’t hungry.”

Stern, but classy. A+

Get hype Fayetteville coming thru!

I’ve seen Small Wonder at plenty of tournaments before this one, and he’s never come off as a sore loser before, nor has he has done anything like this.
So I believe him when he says that it was due to his hormone therapy.
Does that make the actions committed acceptable? No. Was it a bad idea to put himself in a highly stressful situation like tournament play knowing that he had a spike of testosterone in his system? Yes.
But he has at least admitted to both, so I don’t see the need to act like his actions are heinously unforgivable. I’ve seen plenty of real life rage quits–it’s never really acceptable, but then again it’s not the worst thing in the world. He should have been DQed, simply because he left the match, not because he was “disrespectful to the players”. I’m sure he would agree as such.

He fucking held up a tournament. It’s not like he’s spitting on their graves. So, how about some actual sense of perspective here?
Jesus Christ, get over yourself. Your personal sense of entitlement is way out of line.

Have you ever gone through Hormone Therapy, kid? Testosterone is no fucking joke.

You know, a man once said, it’s after tragic events that you’ll see who are your true friends, and who are just assholes. Out of all the people here that responded to this event, it’s pretty damn obvious who are the assholes of the group. Jovan really shouldn’t have to post the full story, just so people’s assumptions get exposed for who they really are. And there’s another saying, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. It’s like the game of telephone, the original story at the end of the game turns into something completely different, and that’s what happened here. And just like shiki said, this matter should never be taken lightly. And again, I say, drop the subject. What has happened, happened, and nothing more can be done about it. All this will do is stir drama amongst the group. We’re trying to break boundaries here, and for this event to easily restore that wall, really makes me wonder if we’ll ever see this will work out in the end if we keep with this needless drama and keep Charlotte and RDU from ever working together.

IMO I didn’t even know you guys existed till this saturday and still don’t actually know who anyone is so… I don’t think there’s much to worry about on you guys end “hurting any friendships”. Just some entertaining drama about a guy that raged out at the tournament for most of us. I really don’t think you guys should worry much about SRK TBH, I’m pretty sure most of us are in the same boat.

@Small Wonder

Look I already forgave you and I’ll allow you to come back to the tournament, if it happens again we’ll just ban you from the venue (along with any other offenders). There’s not much more to the conversation.

@Irish Bear

I’m fairly certain you’re taking this more seriously than anyone else. Sure some people are assholes but at this point it’s a bit justified, don’t try to criminalize others. If you want the conversation dropped then that includes you.

How long has it been since RDU showed up to a Charlotte event? We, here in Charlotte, have been going to tournaments all over NC, not just me, but others included. All we ask is that you show up to our events here in Charlotte. Why is it that everyone else can go to these other tournaments, 2 or 3 hours away, and yet, when we’re easily an interstate drive away, you can’t make it. And samurai, did you even look at the previous posts and what my friend had to post in response to this shit. We’re not even on the same mode of transportation. Again, it’s damn obvious that a bunch of people, even when the truth is said from the guy himself, refuse to understand and stick with their idea, and continue to rub salt into old wounds. I’m just saying. I don’t intend to start any bullshit drama, and this is beginning to become one because of this ONE event. It’s not even amusing anymore, in my opinion. Never was to begin with. And again, just drop it.

whoa whoa whoa let’s rewind here. so basically my posting the events means that im “turning my back” on Jovan? it appears that out of my whole post it was obviously ignored that i said

the situation NEEDED to be addressed. and I gave him (Jovan) ample time to address it himself on the forums. but he didnt even come in or have an account for that matter until he felt his image was being tarnished, so he came to defend himself…which WASNT necessary. yes what happened has happened, it CANT be changed, but it also CANT be ignored. its almost coming off like some people are viewing it like hes a child that didnt know any better instead of like the grown man he wants to be viewed as.

when its all said and done. throwing a match is WRONG. outbursts of the magnitude of those this weekend are WRONG. selfishly holding up the tournament was WRONG. i can show some form of sympathy because of EVERYTHING he has going on right now, but that doesnt change that his actions were WRONG. and i personally refuse to be vilified for speaking on the matter from the stance of someone who was affected by it. moreso, as noted, EVERYONE has trials and tribulations, EVERYONE has issues. i played horrible this weekend, i could attribute that to many factors. i have an uncle who is in diabetic coma in Georgia. my car was broken into two days prior to the tournament and i had some valuables stolen from me. my health isnt the best either. my back will NEVER heal, so im limited in how much work i can do. and even then my current job is viewing me as a liablity because i got injured working for them. (btw i was “relieved of duty” this morning). im too young for and the doctors wont give me surgery but its the only way to fix myself, so im on a recurring battery of steroid shots to my spine. but those things would never make me act out in public. so even giving him the benefit of the doubt with his health issues, thats still no excuse.

look at one of the main problems being spoken about from this weekend was that MvC3 started late. now give back the 45 mins spent dealing with his outbursts, and see how things could have been different.

without putting him TOO on blast on top of everything his reputation for “unbecoming behavior” preceeds him. walking out on his team during tournament at Final Round, verbal exchanges with other members of the community, throwing other matches out of frustration, asking an out of state player not to attend a tournament to increase his chances of winning and thus getting a local sponsor. these are all things that have been documented, but hes never been judged, has he? and he isnt being judged now, he just needs to see himself through the eyes of the other people at EZ , maybe through the eyes of one of the out of state players, or better yet through the eyes of one of the people in charge of working at the venue.

TL;DR version: basically NOBODY hates Jovan, hes still welcome at events as far as i know, BUT he needs to fully accept how his actions will be viewed and how the disrupted the flow of the ENTIRE event this past weekend. like i said i wish him NOTHING but the best in his journey to get himself better, but im not gonna sugarcoat the situation or my feelings about it. i truly want him to get better and come back stronger, but the attitude being displayed doesnt lend itself to that thought.

Hello SRK, haven’t read all the posts leading up to mine. Getting to the point I currently live in Wilmington and in august will be moving to Chapel Hill. My avatar is self explanitory.
My Psn handle is Zanipher.

I think the only person who lives in Chapel Hill is me, but since you play AE, you’ll have a ton of comp around here. See the 1st post of the thread for people in Raleigh / Durham.

My bad, these posts of mine we’re not in response to you, Demo, but to other comments that really made me upset.

Honestly dude, I just don’t give a shit. I feel bad for your friend and his situation but you come in here making these long ass posts about NC / Charlotte relations and all that. You two tekken players have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH NC / CHARLOTTE RELATIONSHIPS. In fact, I don’t even think you were really involved in this other than being the spokesman of drama. The person who was involved with the incedent spoke his peace and that’s it.

Us not coming to Charlotte has nothing to do with that. It’s just a long ass drive for most people and that’s a personal choice. If you guys want to come down here, that’s your personal choice. You are not entitled to us coming to your tournaments because you come to ours.

There’s not really much else to say about this, unless you want a pat on the back and us to feel bad for you? Which is what it seems like you want from these posts.

There’s a tournament in Wilmington today actually.