North Carolina Thread LVII



Josiah (XxJosxX) hosts on Mondays
Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Tuesdays


Erik (Old Man Doom) hosts on Wednesdays and Fridays


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays - [Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Jason (EmoPrinny) hosts on Sundays


Demo (Orochi_Negro) hosts on Wednesdays



Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on 7/9/2011 - [Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Miguel (Xrii) hosts on 6/18/2011 - [Jun 18, 2011] Lucky’s Redemtion(Greensboro, NC) 06/18/2011 (Greensboro, NC)

Message the host of a session or tournament for details
Message me to add or remove a session or tournament

Nice first post. Very informative.

btw PS3 owners… FREE SHIT:

What do you think about adding carpool information to the first post?

I’ll be going to every EZ tournament and I will be going to 1-2 EZ sessions a month, each time I’ve got 4 spots in the car open for people from the triangle area. I know others carpool as well, if you want to put that info in there feel free.

Is there any date set or is it still in the air as to when the PSN store will be up?

and you only had to give out your CC information, secret questions,address and full name. good shit sony.

What time is everybody showing up to EZ tonight?

3 hours of TTT2 location test action in Korea. :slight_smile:


Also, Backdash and overall movement seems a little better. KBD movement speed seems like it’s right in between DR and 6BR’s speed.



what time does the ez session start today and how late do yall play?

Usually starts 6:30/7 to my understanding and the last people usually leave around 5/6am. We left around 5am the other week and there were still around 10 people there.

Not trying to crowd the first post with too much information.

I’m actually not sure how I’m even going to get over there, I called David but his phone is off and I called Tom but he isn’t answering so I don’t really have a ride. I don’t want to take my mom’s car either since she has to work tonight.

It’s till whenever although I would like to show up early at like 4-5, but as I said already I’m trying to look for a ride.


I know the venue is open over night on weekends but I’m not so sure about weekdays.

thats wassup that yall play so late

aight cool ima try my best to make it up there today i prob couldnt get up there until about 9:30-10

I just called the venue and they’re open 24/7 now, they used to close at midnight Monday-Thursday but just recently changed that so it’s cool if you want to show up at like 10PM Angus.

Gotta eat dinner first I’ll be up there around 7:00 I hope. :0 Anybody wanna get in some 3S practice before Saturday???

Hey Will, you’re slipping on the witty forum names.

Also since the last thread is dead and gone:

Gathering. My place. Tonight. PM me. 6:30 - 7:00 start time.

Just seeing if anyone else is interested. Right now we have Jos, OJ, Jose, possibly Brent and Blake, and Gammatron.

I would try to drop by but I’m hopefully at the end of an illness I’ve picked up. I hope to god that this shit is better tomorrow.

So are games still going on tonight?

IS anybody up at EZ?, cz I don’t wanna make the trip if nobody else is going :0

I don’t think anybody is playing at all tonight. Just people making random posts then deciding not to.