North Carolina Thread LVII


May have to take you up on that.


The first would be the best i believe. The second thread was pre-forum update. I
m going to make a post in the second one to move it to the first.


Awesome, feel free to bring Jose too. The more the merrier lol.


I wish I could make it tonight, I need some practice on my stick.

Thanks doom for hosting last night, it was great.


What’s stopping you? lol


I made a new EZ thread using the new forum format:

So post up and get HYPE!!! For a tournament that’s like a month away.


PSN Store is back up (finally), Arcana 3 is now available…like 2 months after its original US release… D:


So nobody can pick me up from Knightdale? Forever alone.


I don’t mind getting you, it’s not TO far out of the way.

@Jon to busy tonight. We’re still carpooling tomorrow correct? I can get you then we can go get Robo and then on to EZ.

Anyone else need a ride to EZ tomorrow?


Yup still down for tomorrow. Looking forward to testing the new team vs Fayettenam.


I noticed I was underestimating that startup/cooldown on the move. Meh, I’ll just stick with Hammer until I get the kinks out.
Tournaments, I’m always interested, but never able. ;_;

Neither thread says Xbox…


im back again. sorry ive been so ghost. just got back to work and im trying to get my summer travel funds correct (i intend to be at ECT AND EVO) so ive been busting out the 70hr work weeks. any travel plans being worked up currently? hit me up please.

so whats new…other than people talking about playing tekken and not playing it? or people in denial that BB will probably die out next week when AE hits? or people quitting MvC3 bc of xxyy? or other such NC stupidity?

speaking of AE…SHARE ACCOUNT HOLDERS!!! i imagine im paying for this one too? yes thats a rhetorical question.

also im in the market for a slim PS3. i still have two perfectly fine big body systems but im black, ive got money, im a nerd, and i want to update ALL of my hardware. anybody got any deals?


And never had been xbox.


So it’s me again EpicNiki <<<[S]until someone’s legal offices (long story) got ahold of me[/S] and so I’m going by this now…with that being said:

I’d like to start doing Tekken 6 sessions at a reasonable time that is good for everyone. Right now I’m down a 2 systems and games but I’d be able to host if anyone needs someone to host it cause I still got tvs. My work schedule is Sun-Thurs from 10:30pm-7am and then I am free so let me know when is a good time for you all to come on out and I’ll make the proper arrangements.


Oh yeah Jos, this is that Lancer I was telling you about. It’s full sized… as a gears fan how big of a nerd boner does this pop if it was autographed?


I’d see what happens at e3 before dropping too much money. There’s the smell of price drop in the air.


Then I’ll be the Jew on Christmas day at Lucky’s, hoping in vain for friendlies.



I downloaded Platinum this morning. Her pupils are heart-shaped. WHY, ARC, WHY




@Josiah need a ride to EZ if you didnt get my pm i live in raleigh and got gas money. I can even ride to your house or whatever if you dont want to come by this way :slight_smile:

also @Jon are you doin games tonight i can possibly swing by, i need to get some marvel in