North Carolina Thread LVIII



Josiah (XxJosxX) hosts on Mondays
Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Tuesdays


Erik (Old Man Doom) hosts on Wednesdays and Fridays


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays - [Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Jason (EmoPrinny) hosts on Sundays


Demo (Orochi_Negro) hosts on Wednesdays



Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Jul 9, 2011 - [Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Alex (Roski) hosts on Mondays - [Jun 27, 2011] [NCBC] North Carolina Battle Coliseum @ CFG (Weekly Tournament… (Wilmington, NC)

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Continuing from the last thread:

Jos: Yeah crouch tech will help you a lot, also you stopped jumping at me so much, that helped at the end, definitely something you have to learn the hard way because everyone wants to jump and unless you’re yun yang or rufus, it’s usually a bad idea. Best time to jump is when you expect a slow poke / fireball, or after something that gives you pretty good frames in close, atleast in my experience.

yup, sessions w/ jon are good. he’s good about kickin’ your ass, and then telling you what you need to work on. it’s been helpful for me :slight_smile:

So yeah, if Wolverine isn’t on your team in Marvel, don’t even bother playing the shit.

@Jon - whats crouch tech?

I do believe wolverine is the best character in the game currently, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that.

A large part of wolverines game is the assist he uses to back himself up, keeping this in mind it’s pretty easy to predict when an assist will be called and blow it up with a beam super. I think this will be a drawback to wolverine teams in the future.

Wolverine isn’t HALF as scary when your in the air. While your on the ground, he’s a nightmare. While your in the air you need to watch out for drill claw and dive kick but the match is much more manageable. Super jump. A lot.

Not to say all you have to do is use a char with a beam super and just SJ a bunch to beat wolverine, but these are just a few of the things i can see that can be used to couner logan. I also like task master/ammy/wesker counters against beserker slash.

Option Select crouch tech is pressing throw while holding down back. If you’re opponent tries to throw you, it gets tech’d, if they attack you it gets blocked instead.

Omg I just played the new KOFXIII game granted my laptop runs it slowly but it is pure sex.
Iori Yagami slapping fools as always.

KOF XIII is on the PC??? Guess it got leaked…

Why’s everyone leaving NC?! :crybaby:

Yeah, but I’ll be getting it on console when it comes out in Oct.

Actually this isn’t really true…

your talking about doing a late crouch tech. Where if they throw, you will tech and if they attack AT THE SAME TIME that the throw would have become active, you will block. Obviously since doing late attacks is one of the best ways of beating crouch techs, you wouldn’t want to say crouch teching allows you to block attacks without being a bit more specific. Knowing the differences there is pretty important.

Man after playing so much AE I wanna main all the new guys.

Except Yang, Fei Long Junior is too meh.

Well I was going to mention about frame traps…

So confusing. Option selects anger me.

OS’s are nice. I’ll jump at people and spin the stick and hit buttons. It’s an SPD OS EX SPD OS Super OS Ultra OS Jumping jab. Sometimes I get two rotations, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I fuck up and only hit one or two punches, sometimes I hit all three. Sometimes I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t actually have any meter. Best OS in the game IMO because you can’t block any of the possible outcomes and the jumping jab would beat a jump out attempt. Top tier strats.


thawk jump in jab OS that command grab -_-

I didn’t know Wolverine’s Beserker Teleport was invincible.

It’s dumb.

Wolverine can kill you in one air throw…

So can Zero, I found recently. If zero can do it I’m pretty sure everyone can.

No wonder I can never beat your Geif. You cheap bastard.