North Carolina Thread LVIII

At least we still have Cook Out.

Cook Out is god like. 5 spicy chicken sammiches and half a pound of steak fries as well as a large pepsi for 15 dollars… I R IN HEAVEN

lol, this swolebelly nigga right here. change that shit 2 Blooda**feast **

dude I love this guy.

15 bucks is to expensive for me, i would rather get the double burger combo fries and nuggets+drink for 5bucks. i agree cookout is godlike if you want average sides with a godlike burger.

NCBC 1.0 results

July 5th NCBC tournament thread GOGOGOGOGOGOGOG!!!

wow i just seen this, since i didnt go i just did something else, damn i could of went, well thx anyway.

Dudes just want more money, I can respect that though. Dolla Dolla Bill.

Thanks for everyone that came out tonight, it was a great turnout. A lot more people then I expected. Hopefully we can get as many people next week, and get someone to bring a third setup (we had more then enough people to warrant one).

I’d be great to have a large amount of tekken/BB next Monday, with a bit of marvel/ae mixed in of course.

thanks for having us tonight. I had a blast hanging with you guys. can’t wait to get some more games in soon!

If there are people there that are interested, I can make this happen.

Also as a reminder, Tekken/MK session TONIGHT in RDU. text/pm me for details. Im working all day, and I can answer calls on the ambulance but I can always get text messages/check SRK from my phone.

All I’m saying is that I don’t know what criteria determines whether a game is a “major” or “minor” anymore. People brand the games before a tournament has even taken place, and the only determining factor seems to be whether or not a CAPCOM logo flashes before the game starts up. Of course I’m not referring to weeklies (although I’d like 10 dollar weeklies), but you have to realize that by naming a tournament as a “minor” you negatively affect the perception of the game’s scene immediately.

And we already saw that in a few tournaments, cough Tekken at Lucky’s cough.

Tekken at Lucky’s is a special case, one that’s dictated almost entirely by the Tekken community’s repeated failures to show up and play with the exceptions of a few people. It was run as a minor by Demo, who most likely valued every entrant he could get in order to maximize the Tekken tournament’s numbers.

I wish I wasn’t already obligated tonight, I’d def be there.

Last night there was me, lawrence, alice-chan (sorry keep forgetting your name >.>) and sofa king (chris?) that are into tekken. There was a bit of tekken going on for about 30 min. If i’m not mistaken nappz is into tekken as well and hopefully he can make it out next week to.

Demo if you have a setup you can bring that would be AMAZING and we could dedicate it to tekken. Or if anyone that plays tekken could bring a monitor and som1 else bring a system, however we get it to work. I’ve been talking about getting into tekken for a while.

Although marvel has things like xfactor and phoenix…its just so addicting and fun -_- It has mechanics I truly hate yet I cant quit this game.

I wish I couldn’t quit Marvel. I just can’t take that game engine and it’s system mechanics seriously anymore. I “think” I’d like to play it but it’s just a pile of nonsense the way it’s currently played here.

Marvel is fun as long as you’re winning / not dropping combos / not getting DHC glitched / not fighting wolverine / not fighting phoenix / can block zero / not guessing wrong on TAC / not getting level 3 x factor comebacked / not getting your main character and your assist blown up.

Otherwise, it’s fucking fantastic!

ggs last night GameWizard. I couldn’t stay on long anyway, but I definitely need to learn the 'sim matchup…that’s one that I’ve always hated (and balrog). :slight_smile:

Eh, Zero isn’t really in the same tier as Wolverine or Phoenix. But that’s not really what I meant.

You’d think that but last night at Jos’s everyone was talking about him like he was 100 times worse than wolverine. In the end, he’ll be better than Wolvie. But yeah, my post wasn’t really related to yours. Yours just inspired mine mostly.

On another note, I gave it some thought… I might get a hit box instead of an arcade stick. I feel like it has the least limitations / most potential out of all the other input devices right now. I used to play DFO on keyboard so it won’t be too weird for me. If I do get one though, I need someone to give me a plinking tutorial.