North Carolina Thread LVIII

ShinkuuR, really? I like that dude’s Rose

Anybody coming through Raleigh and has a spot?

anyone got casual this weekend?? I am off 3 day form friday to sunday.

Gosh we are seriously not going to have enough space at EZ… Should be fun though regardless.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Who here who is not from Charlotte is going to the RESE tournament Sunday?

July 5th NCBC results:

next weeks tournament GOGOGOGOGO!!!


He’s pretty cool.

Equipment i will bring.
2 PS2’s(1 Japanese,1 American)
1 PS3 for Casuals I guess (with AE/MVC3/BBCS2)
1 small CRT
1 3S(Japanese)
1 GGXXAC (Domestic)
2 Sticks (1 madcatz SE/1 HRAP1 with PS3 converter/)

Casuals and side games (All PS1 &PS2)
1 Sengoku Basara Cross
1 Rumble Fish
1 Spectral VS Generation
(Plus a plethora of old school and poverty games for the guys in the back) (^o^)/

JoJo? Garouden Break Blow?

Sofa_King: Im trying to get someone to cover for me on Sunday so I can make the RESE tournament. I requested the weekend, but was given saturday and sunday off, but im on call sunday evening, which totally fucks me as far as driving to Charlotte.

Dale: im still coming to get you Saturday morning right? or were you gonna meet me at my place to prevent a backtrack? either way is fine…just one carries a slightly higher gas rate.

Will: I do have Arcana Heart 3. We (as in you/fellow tournament organizers) need to make a ruling on the MK dlc AND the outfits. There are noted unpatched glitches with Skarlet and Kenshi will be < 4 days old, meaning the risk of glitches. Also the “klassic” outfits carry their own issues. Smoke can still OTG bomb in his MK2 outfit and Cyrax can still do his trap in his MK3 gear (both of these were patch fixes). Im not trying to take over the tournament or anything, but in the issue of fairness and having a competitive environment all these things need to be taken into account.

Wouldn’t mind getting in some games of Melty with you after the Arcana / Tekken tournaments.

Teach me “whip bitch”. I like her.

See if Jos has a spot, I’m not sure if his car is full yet but that’s who I’m carpooling with probably.



START TIME: 6:30-7:00

Games Available:

Tekken 6

*MK *

***PC ***
KOF13 (need someone to bring a spare converter or xbox controller for vs)

Gathering Focus: Marvel / AE / KOF13 (Tekken if Tekken players bring setup)

Feel free to bring a setup and play whatever you want. Last week had a huge turn out, lots of fun. Let me know if you need directions or would like to come but don’t have a ride.

This just in, MK DLC is banned at EVO.

There’s a tournament on Saturday in Fayetteville.

sure thing Demo. That’s the character I know best, so I’m sure I can show you stuff / get in some Scharl mirrors at EZ too. :slight_smile:

It’ll probably just be me and Eskay, since we’re the only active players that I know of in SC. We’ve got other people who play it, but don’t really travel.

EZ is gonna be sick. Cant wait to see how I stack up. I’m going to pick up AE after this tournament so I can legitimately enter more than one event. I may enter afew other events with the money I take from corner trap in our MvC3 MM just to sweeten the pot for everyone. I might come to your game session jon for some good practice before the tournament.

lol!!! duo feeling confident!

Nah because you’ll be losing that same money to me =D

I’m working on the lightning loop for you guys this weekend. Not sure if it’ll be ready by then but FEAR anyway.

Aww snap, with all these mm’s I’ll have enough to enter tekken too. :smiley: