North Carolina Thread LX

I saw that match in the morning. Drop Dhalsim for me :confused:

free 3S theme for your PS3 if you pre-order:

If anyone is going to be at gamefrog I’ll be there around 7ish to play mk or ae

They hardly ever have the Greensboro tournaments anymore hih?

haha azn I prob would have got wrecked with any character I picked anyway. im to lazy to pick up another character tho, thats one of the reasons I use sim because you can be lazy and win lol.anyways im just not into ssf4 that much anymore. I think im gonna wait until that new kof comes out before i start playing fighting games competitively again, i need to catch up on my sexy jrpgs.

EDIT: i am going to own the shit out of cookout today. its good to be back nc.
2nd EDIT: yeah pretty much everything was hype at evo except tekken. it was fun watching spark just running over people with his hakumen.

Don’t lie to yourself.

There’s nothing good about NC or being back here lol. Other than bojangles and cheaper stuff.


idk if you guys have noticed but only NC and like 2 other states have COOKOUT. you guys need to stop taking cookout for granted. ungrateful punks…

Dude trust me- this is a FALSE statement. After 3 months in Denmark there is nothing more I want than to be back home. NC. Theres just SO many little things that you dont think about until month 2 They’ll probably offer me to move here for 2 years- and I just don’t know if I could do it that long. I discover something I miss every week. I wonder what it’ll be like in 2 years.

Speaking of I’ll be back aug 20 and will be looking for some good fights. So are the get togethers at the beginning of the thread accurate?

Also, watching evo stream that whole weekend was straight up awesome. It’s nice to be able to appreciate how epic it was.

Cool you guys went. I’m heavily considering going next year. How many went from our community?

like 5 people

Are we gonna have any 3S tournaments next month with 3S coming to PS3/360 assuming more people get into it and the port really is as good as they claim? I don’t want to bother with the game if there isn’t going to be a good amount of people into it.

the first tourney will be in charlotte on 8/27

Ah, I guess it would have specified PS2 if it was on PS2 but that’s good to hear atleast, never got into it since I wasn’t going to spend 130 dollars on a PS2 stick for one game.

I’ll be getting 3S the day it comes out on PSN… So +1 person playing. I’m not really planning on playing it for tournaments, but I definitely will play the game with people.

Does anyone know what games will be played at the Gamefrog tournament on the 13th? Also…

I told you I’d play if you’re looking for comp that bad. Now that there’s a steady session of Tekken and MvC3 for me to go to I’m gonna start trying to see if I can fit in some practice times in those games. I’ll still play whatever fighting games people are up to play, but if there is no comp in them then I’m not gonna waste time trying to get better at them.

This brings me to something else. Who here plays MK9 and/or AH3? Just looking for people to play with in these games.

We have a small group for AH3, SeventhFonon, Purifyweirdsoul, Longshot, Shinsobeam, a few others. As far as MK goes the only ones I know is I thought gamewizard had expressed or stated interest in the game and definitely Samurai/Jon.

The games at gamefrog tournament for the 13th are everything that was last time except for no MK9. So AE, MVC3 and Tekken 6.

i never expressed interest in mk, i think your talking about matt or roski. i never even played mk dont know how you got my name mixed in there lol

You’re going to Jon’s tomorrow (Saturday) right? I’m bringing Arcana Heart 3 (and other games), so you can get some matches in with me…