North Carolina Thread LXIII



Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Thursdays


Sal (Smokin Jo) hosts on Thursdays



Brian (Tactiks) hosts on Wednesdays - [Nov 30, 2011] ReSe Wednesday Night Bar Fights (Charlotte, NC)
Brian (Tactiks) hosts on December 10, 2011 - [Dec 10, 2011] Charlotte, NC, Rock’em Sock’em (ReSe) (Concord, NC)


William & Kevin (Corner-Trap&Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays -[Dec 2, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)
William & Kevin (Corner-Trap&Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on December 17, 2011 -[Dec 17, 2011] Elite Zone Monthly (Fayetteville, NC)

A decent Dark Phoenix combo. I didn’t know those things actually existed. Just mash buttons until you win. I feel like I can finally move on now. :’)

Man that Akuma combo.

I think it’s just a preference. I’ve never played Uncharted, but there’s nothing wrong with a game being scripted…if the storyline is good.

Personally, I enjoy RPG / Adventure games a lot more when they are focused on storyline (as long as it doesn’t get too linear like FF XIII or something like that…).

I’m not framing it as ‘bad’ but if people are going to talk about wanting games where they’re left alone to figure stuff out or w/e, Uncharted is just clearly not that game. It’s like SSF4 all over again, people say they want this and that but what do they actually support or buy. The game that gives you a little extra boost to save your ass whenever you fuck up a platforming bit and gives you hints for it easy puzzles. That’s fine in itself, i said in the last thread that there are loads of valid reasons for people who want their games to be more like an experience (I play huge open world rpgs, im one of them).

The thing is, games like Fallout do have story. You uncover the story by playing the game. If you come across a giant abandoned factory, and inside you can hack computers that tell you there was a radiation leak, and then in the basement you find mutants that have retreated away from society to from their own religion worshipping the radiation-- well you’ve just learned quite a bit about this world and they didn’t have to spoon feed any of it to you. This is way more interesting and engaging because you’re actually doing it. It’s not nearly as satisfying as just watching a cutscene about it imo, unless you’ve got some really interesting ones like Metal Gear Solid 2 or FFtactics.

Games that simply imitate movies aren’t really taking advantage of the medium and their stories are rarely that great, some are better than others but it’s like 90% hero fiction? Uncharted series saves itself here, Nathan Drake isn’t an amazing or mindblowing character but he’s a fun and pretty sharp one if nothing else.

we are just 3 days away from GVegasbeatdown and the preregistration is ending in 2 days at 8pm. Preregister now to save on the venue fee. The turnout is looking big again,

Looks like I have to work until 6:30pm on the 19th, meaning I wouldn’t get to EZ until around 8 if I left right away. With EZ’s super efficient tournament running that gets quicker every time, the tournament will probably be over by 6pm anyways. Really didn’t want to miss this one :\ I’ll be coming through to play some ultimate with everyone though, I’ll just miss the tournament.

EDIT: I ordered a button for my arcade stick from lizardlick, and the next day they put my order on hold with no explanation. None of my calls have been answered and I haven’t gotten a call back, anyone else have something like this happen to them with LL?

Yeah I’m like 8 minutes from state. If I don’t get a lot of response though I’ll probably just go to the weekly arcana gathering.

This Friday, does anyone want to do a carpool to the ranbats from RDU? I’m interested in going to EZ.

Also is anyone trying to go to GVegas?

the weekly arcana gathering should be in the first post, thats on saturday right? I might be able to swing by for that but if dudes are trying to make it out to elite zone that’d be killer.

Our format has been getting more and more efficient but even I don’t think we can get it done by 6 with an average of 60-100 attendants. Sucks you’ll miss the tournament but at least get some experience in UMvC3. You should try to make it out to some of the weeklys we’re now having at EZ.



What casuals are being played at EZ on fridays as of late? BB and 3S?

We have weekly tournaments at EZ featuring AE, MvC3, 3S and BB. So casuals for all those games will be present including whatever else anyone decides to bring. As far as popularity goes 3S is what’s played the most at EZ, and we’ve been running some random shit like Guardian Heroes during registration for the hell of it. Just check my sig.

Let’s get some posts in this thread:

[Nov 4, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)
[Nov 4, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)
[Nov 4, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)
[Nov 4, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)
[Nov 4, 2011] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)

I think Jon was talking about the gathering at Brent’s (Thursday). That’s been the most consistent gathering for Arcana as of late. But if you’re stopping by NC State this weekend, I’ll definitely make a trip over there as well.

Next time I’ll make it to EZ is prolly at the actual tournament. NEC expenses kinda cut into my long-distance travel. :frowning:

On the other topic, I do agree with that though. If the game is going to have cut scenes and restricted to a story, it’s gotta be good / quality scenes.

Asked in last thread, but it ended fast so restating.

When you guys go to FR, do you guys normally get a hotel room for Sunday night?

I’m undecided on Thursday night, but I am getting my own room, possibly a one person max split. Want to see what days people prefer.

I’m not going to cram 4-5 into a room like an anime con, I’m too old for that shit.
I want to reserve a room ASAP though. Seeing what people have as preferences.

Shh, the arcana gathering is supposed to be illuminati, I thought. I’d go to your gathering Jon, but you always cancel it now. Why doesn’t anybody go to Jon’s?

I’d like to go to EZ friday if there is room in a car somewhere.

I have class on Thursdays at night time so I always wanna make Jon’s but can’t though next semester for sure.

I wont be able to make the 19th, that’s my little brother’s birthday (wooh, nous allons a Charlotte pour une grand fete parcque mon frere a 13 ans)
lols aside, I’ve been playing Zenia and Fenrir, it’s a really fun combo but I think it relies too much on ‘reading’ the other player, I want to test it out some more this weekend but friday at EZ is genuinely probably the best for me. I’ll be spending too much money going back and forth in these next two weeks (not to mention BUYING SO MANY DAMN GAMES, 2011 hnnng) so I’m not sure if I can commit to anything other than E.Z this week now that I look at it closely.

RE: Games, yeah I mean-- I don’t post these long passages to knock people or make them feel bad for not liking ‘x’ game. I’m just talking about the different ways these games ‘convey’ their world or w/e. I didn’t used to like games like Demon’s Souls tbh, too much clicking and fiddling, not enough npcs and cool towns. I love all that stuff, always will (anybody want to live in Fishermans horizon with me when they get old) but games like New Vegas and Morrowind changed that for me because they have really rich worlds and characters (Dark Souls sadly is not a character driven game or story). I can still enjoy games that are objectively ‘poor’, in that they reuse lots of areas or have bland gameplay if they: have really interesting/pretty locations, good music, characters, etc. Dragon Age II is a good example, an amazing story, good aesthetic/locations–but burdened with some hellishly uninspired gameplay.

Twinkle Star Sprites > Ikaruga, Gradius, and R-Type any day.

TSS is god. For real though get on Toho9 it is TSS’s spiritual successor get on that shit.

Yeah, I can’t be there this time because it is my birthday, but if you guys want to meet up there or wherever it is fine, just gotta ask the guys at the front desk to open the place up if it is still closed when you get there. I don’t think we met up the last couple times either because I was busy/other tournaments were running.

if we’re going to just throw names at the wall people need to play REZ