North Carolina Thread LXIV



Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Thursdays



Brian (Tactiks) hosts on Wednesdays - [Jan 11, 2011] ReSe Wednesday Night Bar Fights (Charlotte, NC)
Brian (Tactiks) hosts on December 10, 2011 - [Jan 14, 2011] Charlotte, NC, Rock’em Sock’em (ReSe) (Concord, NC)


William & Kevin (Corner-Trap&Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays -[Jan 13, 2012] Elite Zone Weekly (Fayetteville, NC)

While I’d sorta like to have Jaguar for BlazBlue, I guess you can never have too many SPECIAL MOVES.

We will be at EZ the day after. Playing and supporting. This will be our pre-game lol.

P.S. If enough folks show interest, may have a friendly IceBreaker Tournament on UMVC3 and maybe AE.

See you there!

Event post:

Thanks for the congrats you guys. NEC was a blast.

Namco must want a lot more evasiveness in their games. Sidestep in SC5 and Tag2 are pretty amazing. In Tag2, I side walked Nina’s 1+4 (I think that’s the notation. lol)… xD

One more week guys. I am so hype for this one. Woot!!

Who is ready to commentate on the Mic this time? I want it to be so hype when you are on there.

So who wants to commentate what?

I’ll help out a bit with SF4 and not that it’s going to be played but if it is then AH3.

If I lose before Marvel finals, I’ll totally commentate Marvel lol

commentary + DeMo=WIN

Hey D-Mo, you up for carpooling to DAT RESE?

I would bet on it that you would be in the finals so don’t even say stuff like that haha.

I agree.

I’d like to go too if there is room.

Dat RESE looks pretty nice, might have to stop through. On my way to EZ now to get in some KOF13/BBCS2/and…GGXXAC!! Apparently there are a few GG players there who have been playin this week.(@O@)/ awwww shiiit!!!

about to start uploading some SWAG matches and other things so check me out sometime, here is a sample for the future for now.

Brent can block unblockable setups in Marvel so watch out for that. Also good shit Rob and the Arcana crew.


i just want audio clips of you speaking

all you have to do is join my party on XBL lol

Everybody here is free so what does it matter.
I am the best, I am the absolution.
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Just got back from EZ, puttin in work with Laichi, and Kula. Also, the home boy K’ (yes that’s his actual nick name) just came back from a deployment. He was at EZ and we were playin KOF 2k2/2k2UM. Said he’ll be at EZ on Friday to play KOF 13 with us. He’s a pretty solid KOF and GGXX player. Anybody wanna get in some games this week , let me know I’m free after 8pm all week long. Holla!!

Bitch I AM loneliness and self pity. GET BODIED!

Fun time at Doom’s place. Learn A LOT of KOF stuff. Spent hours breaking the game down and testing what works and what doesn’t. I’m years behind, but I’m catching up slowly. Now time to work on what I learned and apply it. And gonna just practice with my current MvC3 team and get those combos down. And Tekken, MOVEMENT IS KEY! Gotta get that down before anything else matters. Now back to getting no sleep before I start my day.