North Carolina Thread LXIV

This is pretty much always in the back (or front?) of my mind. Seriously. Enjoy something, you crab bastards.

Damn the NC cycle is as faithful as the fucking tide coming to shore.

  1. Everyone starts hating on shit
  2. Everyone comes to the conclusion that you should just play what you like and STFU
  3. We forget the lesson we learned and start hating on shit again

If I could hate that post I would, Crab-Trap.

I do notice that nowadays you get a lot more “it’s a good game” and then 6 months later people aren’t playing. At least that’s what my experience felt like with AH3. Granted I never made any effort to get out to the local committed scene…

But I swear, it seemed like people said it was pretty good, I dropped $30 on this loli game, and then these same people started saying it’s not bad but x, y and z.

That’s not why I stopped playing, but it didn’t help and was discouraging to see. Not picking on that game (and community) though, a lot of games seem to go the same way.

With all the new games that drop so frequently, I guess it’s just a luxury you didn’t have 10 years ago. I don’t know.

Fighting gamers just seem like a hard crowd to please, period. Something’s always wrong. Also, some people just seem perennially negative regardless.

I just stick to my MvC2 and plug in Melee now and again when I want to play something different.

I’m like Brent - I’m sorry “my” games don’t contribute to the scene as it stands today.

I could probably make something like this for every game forum I have been on before

DoTA likes (DoTA,HoN,LoL)

  1. Look at how bad my team is I can’t win even though I know that I am as good as the pros QQ
  2. Look at how great I am,. scoreboard.jpg
  3. What is a tank
  4. New character has unoriginal design and is overpowered(underpowered) and the balance team must be smoking pot
    repeat till end of time


  1. This is the best game ever I really can’t wait for the sequel to come out in only a few months
  2. Older players laugh and say don’t preorder it for the love of god, remember how bad the first one was prepatch
  3. Game is released as a super buggy unplayable crap, and everyone bitches nobody warned them tons of people vow to never play the game
  4. After months/years of patching go to step 1
    *Whoever mentioned streammonsters the 4X guys like a good 50% of the posts on forums for it are from guys who have never played against another human…you can normally tell because they will have great ideas like I’m going to turtle and build a huge tech base, while having almost no military.

Brawl/Soul calibur 3+4

  1. Should we ban this really powerful thing
  2. flip a coin if heads yes, if tails no
  3. Repeat as often as possible, bonus points if you make really arbitrary rules that are nearly impossible to enforce thanks brawl community :smiley:

I literally can’t think of a game forum type that doesn’t have a cycle or even one that doesn’t constantly cycle into bitching.


The games some people enjoy not a lot of people enjoy, so they get upset that no one else is playing. Then there are those who play the games they don’t like only to be able to play against other people. I’m starting to think that a lot of the people complaining are experiencing one of those two reasons.

With so many fighting games now and more coming out its hard for anyone not to be able to find at least one fighting game they like. The only issue is what kind of community/scene is behind that game.

Also if you’re gonna constantly down a game you’re eagerly awaiting its not a good way to get others to at least try the game out. If you’re not willing to play the game how can you expect anyone else to?

But if anyone is still having a hard time choosing a fighting game to play there’s 2D fighting game KOF XIII and 3D fighting game Tekken 6.


Where is there a MB tournament, cause I’ll enter it? As fun as AH3 is it breaks my heart (see the irony there) I can’t play it now with all the KOF XIII and Tekken 6 stuff I’m having to learn/do. Until I can get a good amount of stuff down in those games without having to think I’m immediately jumping on AH3 again, so don’t get the wrong idea.

Count me in. KOF XIII and Tekken 6 are the two I want to at least place well in.

Damn, y’all are still some assholes. Keep the hate alive NC.

yeah i think its time for me to come out of the closet guys…i like sf4.

So how old were you when you first started having these feelings?

He must be a paid capcom representative. No one actually likes SF4.


Also Also:


I’ll try to make it out to your gathering tomorrow Jon.

Imma hold you to that Austin…

If ANYBODY is avaliable and wants to play XIII today please let me know. I get off at 5 today and don’t mind traveling. 336-324-2671 Jon hit me up!

Just trying to find actual people to play in the area. I didn’t think it would be this difficult considering there is a forum and everything :(. The other guy could have just told me he didn’t stay in Raleigh and I could have tried looking somewhere else instead of bothering with him. But someone else said they played in Raleigh so maybe it’ll work out :). You said there are a lot of people playing in Raleigh, but where are they? Only one person responded and that doesn’t really sound like a lot of people to me.

Would you be down tomorrow? Gonna be lots more people out at my place tomorrow for the gathering if you can do that as well so you’d get more variety than just me.

Thanks for responding :)! I mostly play Street Fighter IV and some Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but I’m trying to get into King of Fighters XIII a little too.

We play alot in Durham as well if you do not mind a 15 min drive. I still play SSF IV but at a casual competition level. I play Gouken, Adon, and Oni.

Also tournament in Durham Gamefrog is close to you as well.

Lol, what fetishes? Are you really talking about Skullgirls?

Just wanted to remind y’all that I still need the payments for the upcoming tournament on the 21st.

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

For those worried if SCV will be bad or if it will be similar to IV, don’t worry because its being made by a different team. Looks like they’re bringing back a lot of the stuff from SCI into versus and some of the stuff from SCIII into single player (mainly right now the customization which sucked in IV). So overall it looks like there is hope.

What made you think of the title you currently have? When I read it it brought back memories of fighting Double in MMX4.