North Carolina Thread LXIV

Imma hold you to that Austin…

If ANYBODY is avaliable and wants to play XIII today please let me know. I get off at 5 today and don’t mind traveling. 336-324-2671 Jon hit me up!

Just trying to find actual people to play in the area. I didn’t think it would be this difficult considering there is a forum and everything :(. The other guy could have just told me he didn’t stay in Raleigh and I could have tried looking somewhere else instead of bothering with him. But someone else said they played in Raleigh so maybe it’ll work out :). You said there are a lot of people playing in Raleigh, but where are they? Only one person responded and that doesn’t really sound like a lot of people to me.

Would you be down tomorrow? Gonna be lots more people out at my place tomorrow for the gathering if you can do that as well so you’d get more variety than just me.

Thanks for responding :)! I mostly play Street Fighter IV and some Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but I’m trying to get into King of Fighters XIII a little too.

We play alot in Durham as well if you do not mind a 15 min drive. I still play SSF IV but at a casual competition level. I play Gouken, Adon, and Oni.

Also tournament in Durham Gamefrog is close to you as well.

Lol, what fetishes? Are you really talking about Skullgirls?

Just wanted to remind y’all that I still need the payments for the upcoming tournament on the 21st.

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

[Jan 21, 2012] The XP (Winston-Salem, NC)

For those worried if SCV will be bad or if it will be similar to IV, don’t worry because its being made by a different team. Looks like they’re bringing back a lot of the stuff from SCI into versus and some of the stuff from SCIII into single player (mainly right now the customization which sucked in IV). So overall it looks like there is hope.

What made you think of the title you currently have? When I read it it brought back memories of fighting Double in MMX4.


Wtf did he just do Genmu Zero?

Maybe that’s where Zero got it from lol

sensei: dismembered catgirl fetish, duh.

Xsam: I’ll be there with absolutely no kof13 practice cause I keep forgetting to get my copy back from cursed, WOO, but I’ll bring a tekken setup too. told LM about it, said he was free as well.

sofa: you been practicing what we showed you?

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons is that they’re not good at any of the games. There’s kind of a vocal minority in the scene. A lot of the regulars don’t bother with these things.

Doug and myself are playing AH3 tomorrow as per usual. I could start going to Jon’s regularly and bringing my new Asus when I go, but not putting any pressure on Doug to do that as he’s going to have to do all the driving, and while we could have a dedicated AH3 setup there, I’m not sure who besides the two of us would play.

Also, probably open to do things over the weekend up until Monday. I’d like to get to some KOF too.

edit: for our fans of fire and combos:

Are you off this week? If you can stay later I could snag you tomorrow. Just don’t wanna have to leave early to take you home mid gathering. Also like 5 bucks for gas in the future if that became a regular thing would be awesome.

Both for me lol. None of my friends have touched SF4 ever since MvC3 came out in Feb. I mention SF4 and they like, nah it too boring, so I just play MvC3 with them. Though I do think that they prefer MvC3 is because not only is it a liberal game, they feel like they have the best chance at winning at it. Pop in any other fighting game, welp… no sense of fundamentals

No I only had Friday and Monday off D: …I have this coming Monday off too of course.

Going to take a week when my brother gets back from Afghanistan, though that’s in March.

Well if you guys do wanna make it out, Austin will be there. Also if you have Friday off then that means… the day after the gathering? unless you meant a different Friday.

The thing is, at least for competitive folks, unless you’re a top-calibre sponsored player who can win Evo, you’re going to run into the folks who make you realize you’re not very good. So you have to really like a game to keep at it, or you have to have some sort of masochistic streak.

That’s how I can tell the games I actually like- they’re the ones I’m willing to keep it when I lose.

Well I was gonna spend today catching up on sleep but fuck that, sleep is for the weak. Anyone in F’ville feel like going to Jon’s session?

Just for the record everyone I’m going to Jon’s gathering and I’m bringing atleast 3 other people. PLEASE BRING SETUPS. Seems like there’s gonna be a lot of people.

Also Jon since I’ve only been to your session once and it was like 6 months ago I forget what the “usual time” is. 6:30 or something?

You just have to look. There are tournies going on and all that goodness. I’m sure someone will post some bits up eventually.

I play a lot on live myself. You can hit me up on TehFamine on Xbox if you want to get a good idea of where some matches are in the RTP area outside of Durham (which I don’t attend due to the location).

Yeah 6:30. Looking forward to seeing you and guests out tonight!

Oh shit you play Bloodline Champions? I recognize the Stalker avatar. Just got back into it myself to tryout Metal Warden / Storm Caller.

BTW Morrisville is not far at all from Cary if you ever want to come to one of my gatherings.