North Carolina Tournament Scene

Hey guys its Alonzo from SetPlay here trying something new. Or at least I think its new.

So here is the deal. There is a baby Tournament scene coming out of now where her in the Carolinas. There is almost too many to count. So this thread is so people who consider themselves locals from the Carolinas to know whats going on. There are only so many Facebook groups a person can be apart of, or Twitter post one can make to let people know whats going on. If you know of an event happening or would like to post your event you can do so here.

I represent SetPlay and I am here trying to leave my tiny stamp on the community I care a ton about. Help me make our part of the East Coast grow stronger.

Go thereā€¦



I will be supportive

Our tournament is this weekend here is a link to the events Facebook page

Very disappointed in you Sam X.