North carolina?

I read something earlier today about some storm/hurricane approaching the coasts of NC. I hope it wont be something dangerous.

Engravings , Left4feds , Hundo12 <- BE SAFE GUYS !

Yeah, it happens every once in awhile.
It usually doesn’t get too bad (hopefully).

But thanks bro.

Btw, I tried fixing the mic input on my stick… no luck. :frowning:

I hope everything turns out ok, ho. Let me know what’s up, we’ll chat online.

The most us Piedmont folks get is some downed trees.

I was there for the week until thursday when they told us to evacuate. Its funny because it wasnt as bad as everybody said it was going to be. Only Catogory 2.

I’m in Florida along the same coast, we’re getting off and on rain storms but nothing severe or out of the ordinary for this season.

Reminds me of the tsunami scare a while back.

Glad everything turned out well, though!


I logged in just to say I fucking lol’d.
I haven’t heard this shit in years.

It’s too late the storm has arrived.