North Dakota - Where are my rivals?

It seems that there are some people that play SF in the eastern North Dakota area… but where are they all at? I’m from Fargo (also the biggest town in ND… T_T) But if there is anyone out there why don’t we hit this up?


I have a friend in fargo that I am going to visit. Who do you play as?

I’m moving to Fargo in about a month. I am always up for playing, I also play 3S Alpha 3 and HF

Hey dudes! There is a scene of about 12 -14 hardcore dudes in fargo that can really throw down, and there is a 3rd strike machine that’s 2 credits for $.25 at This Skate and Snow downtown that’s in really good shape. I am putting on a 3s and SSF4 tournament downtown on Sunday the 16th of may. Here is the facebook link w/ all the info:

feel free to add me as a xbox buddy. I’ve been playing aton of ssf4 if you wanna throw down.

I’m still in the Fargo area. I kinda dropped out of the SF 4 scene(Damn WoW addiction lol), but now i’m really getting back into it. I’ll keep tabs on you for anything up and coming, always up to try my hands at some local tourneys. :slight_smile:

so is there any kind of scene in fargo at all? just moved here from chicago and trying to find out whats up with the FG scene here/

I know its a far shot but, are there any guys on the west side (bakken) who play? ive been here for a little over a year now and get sick of trolling online.